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Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
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EEC-IV Adaptive Control. Your best friend or your worst nightmare?
Welcome to the wonderful world of EEC electronics! (pronounced "EEK") This is the first in a series of articles here on The Mustang Works dealing with the EEC. We will be discussing various aspects of the EEC in a Mustang. By understanding how the EEC controls the engine, hopefully you'll get a better idea of why some changes to your engine may or may not perform as you expected. Through a series of articles, we will go through major sections of the EEC and how they work with common aftermarke...
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[09/22/2003] Girls Can Too™ Web Site Launched... GC2 and The Mustang Works™ Remain Partners

Farmington Hills, Michigan, Sept. 15, 2003 - In the fall of 2000 Nicolle Douglas, who had started an endeavor on the web to encourage females to actively participate in the racing and automotive aftermarket, teamed up with the owner of''s parent company, McClain Technologies, Inc. Together, inside''s large automotive community and eMagazine for Ford Mustang enthusiasts, they brought females a new way to enjoy the hobby. The section was called Girls Can Too™. This simple term was one that Nicolle had previously created on the back of her 1993 Mustang GT, later making it her web presence and company. After pointing her GC2 domains to the new Girls Can Too™ section on, Nicolle functioned as an Editor there, operating and growing the movement to attract women into this largely male dominated sport. During that time GC2 successfully encouraged a large number of female automotive owners, and the wives and girlfriends of male vehicle owners, to participate more in this sport.

As Girls Can Too™ has grown and continues to expand, it has become necessary for it to become its own entity again. Therefore, Nicolle has rebuilt the original free-standing web site where she can continue her efforts to involve females into our sport. As such, The Mustang Works™ has partnered with, making them brother and sister sites. It is a way to co-market their presence and help each venture continue to grow. Together they plan to continue providing an excellent home on the web where enthusiasts can share information, learn, and make new friends - no matter what their gender. is a large community based site, which provides communication, interaction, news, articles, and other pertinent information to its readers and members. The Mustang Works™ was one of the original Ford Mustang web sites created during the web''s infancy and remains one of top three Ford Mustang related sites on the Internet. receives millions of page views and thousands of visitors each month. It was originally created in 1995 by founder, Dan McClain, and has now been brought under the operation of McClain Media Group™. MMG is the eMedia and Web Development division of McClain Technologies, Inc. MTI is a technology company founded in 2003 by President/CEO, Dan McClain, providing Web Development, Hosting, IT Consulting, and eMedia services. is a unique online presence that offers a vintage hot rod atmosphere for female enthusiasts. Bringing them together in an unbiased and entertaining arena, GC2''s goal is to encourage more enthusiasm, understanding, and active participation in the automotive hobby. More than ever before, women are purchasing performance vehicles and aftermarket parts and GC2 offers them free editorial content and forum membership in a moderated and, for the novice participants, non-threatening atmosphere. Regardless of vehicle make and model, GC2 also offers an optional paid membership for their new national club, Team GC2. As a 14 year participant, the site reflects Girls can too™ Owner, Nicolle Douglas'' passion and conviction for vintage American-iron and her desire for female enthusiasts to be seen as “the norm”. From a personal slogan in 1995 to a respected business name in the motorsports industry today, GC2 will continue to expand, spreading enthusiasm and confidence to women who buy, modify, race, show and drive American-made performance vehicles.

Contact Information:

The Mustang Works™
Dan McClain, President

Girls Can Too™
Nicolle Douglas, Owner


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