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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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EEC-IV Adaptive Control. Your best friend or your worst nightmare?
Welcome to the wonderful world of EEC electronics! (pronounced "EEK") This is the first in a series of articles here on The Mustang Works dealing with the EEC. We will be discussing various aspects of the EEC in a Mustang. By understanding how the EEC controls the engine, hopefully you'll get a better idea of why some changes to your engine may or may not perform as you expected. Through a series of articles, we will go through major sections of the EEC and how they work with common aftermarke...
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Stock GT40 (iron)
Result: 36%
Stock GT40p (iron)
Result: 64%

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[07/15/2003] Amos Press launches all new Mustang magazine!


LAKELAND, Florida - Introducing Mustang Enthusiast,the magazine the Mustang world’s been waiting for. Every month Mustang Enthusiast celebrates late-model Mustangs and their owners’ passion for real-world street driving, show competition, restoration, and grassroots road racing. Performance build-ups, maintenance, new vehicle testing, lifestyle and travel, history, personality profiles, news, show-winning tips, product reviews, and features on the top cars in the hobby reflect Mustang Enthusiast’s editorial focus. Articles and photographs by the top automotive journalists in this market combine to deliver the authoritative and tasteful magazine Mustang owners have long demanded. Whether you’re into spirited highway driving, the competitive show scene, weekend road racing, or are simply a fan of late-model ponycars, Mustang Enthusiast is for you.

Mustang Enthusiast is aimed at the late-model Mustang enthusiast segment specifically the third- (1979-93), fourth- (1994-04), and fifth-generation (2005-up) models, with an emphasis on the street performance, competitive showing, and grassroots road racing segments of the hobby. In fact, Mustang Enthusiast covers the gamut of the late-model Mustang hobby (with the exception of hard-core drag racing). Feature editorials include new vehicle road testing, personality interviews, travel/lifestyle, road racing coverage, car audio and electronics, historical profiles, and late-model modified cars which display a high level of creative engineering, artistic expression, and quality workmanship. Mustang Enthusiast also showcases premium examples of OE and restored late-model cars which represent notable points in the Mustang evolutionary timeline. Occasional features of restored and unrestored vintage Mustangs (1964-1/2 through 1978)are also part of the editorial mix, with an emphasis on the historical position and contribution of these cars to the Mustang legacy.

Technical articles featured in Mustang Enthusiast focus primarily on real-world street modifications (engine, driveline, suspension) and tasteful body and appearance upgrades. All are presented in a detailed step-by-step format which assumes no prior mechanical knowledge on the part of the reader. A heavy emphasis is placed on acquiring subject material through professional shops, installers, and parts manufacturers. Since the thrust of Mustang Enthusiast’s technical articles involves street-level and road racing performance upgrades, technical subjects such as those concerning upper-level drag racing activities are not part of the editorial mix. Additional technical subjects such as vehicle maintenance and automotive theory (emphasizing aftermarket performance enhancements) are included.

If you’re a serious fan of 1979-up ponycars, Mustang Enthusiast is your magazine. In short, everything you need to enhance your enjoyment of this automotive legend you’ll find in Mustang Enthusiast...

• Performance build ups
• Maintenance tips
• New model road tests
• Personality profiles
• Road racing
• Mustang history
• Road trips
• Lifestyle features
• Industry news
• New product reviews
• Fox-body restoration
• Audio and electronics
• Styling upgrades
• Opinion
• ...and more!

To subscribe, visit our website at, or call Customer Service at (800) 448-3611.

Amos Automotive Publishing is a division of Amos Press, Inc., 911 Vandemark Road, Sidney, OH 45365. Additional automotive titles produced by Amos Automotive Publishing include Corvette Enthusiast, Musclecar Enthusiast, Pontiac Enthusiast and Cars & Parts.

SOURCE: Amos Press


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