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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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Angela Cole's 2003 Mustang GT
Say hello to Angela Cole, also known as Female Power regular BAD_98_GT_CONV, who is now, RedHott_03MustangGT. Please try to keep up and don't shoot the Editor for the confusion!  It's all Angela's fault! The woman changes cars as often as most of us change shoes or hairstyles! Over the years she's owned a laundry list of awesome 'stangs including a 1985 Hatchback, 1994 Convertible LX, and of course a 1998 GT 'vert, which was traded in for her current 2003 Mustang GT.  You are p...
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what is a good rear gear for a 5.0
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Automotive Software

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  35th Anniversary Mustang Screen Saver 492 KB
This is the official Ford Motor Company 35th Anniversary Mustang Screen saver. It puts a floating 35th Anniversary Mustang logo on your desktop when the screen saver activates. Also has engine roaring sound when it first starts (this can be turned off).
  Mustang Traction Control Screen Saver 1.6 MB
This is the official Ford Motor Company Mustang traction control screen saver. It shows exactly how the traction control system in the newer Mustang operates. Also plays to a midi of "Mustang Sally" (can be turned off). Pretty neat.
  EPEC (Extreme Engine Performance) Software 5.86 MB
This is the software that comes with the Ford Motorsport EPEC (Extreme Performance Engine Control) system; which is Ford's EEC programming device. Without the engine computer module, the software is basically for demo purposes only. However, it really lets you play with it and see what you'd be able to do if you purchase the system. Note: This Zip file contains the software and the complete unit documentation. The manual is in Adobe Acrobat format and you will need the reader to view it.
  Calibrator Demo Software 84 KB
This is an older version of Mike Wesley's software that is now used to burn calibrator chips by so many shops acrossed the country (i.e. The ChipMaster system), and will also come with the full fledged Calibrator system if it ever comes out.
  Mustang Desktop Theme (Version 1.0) 8.2 MB
Late Model Mustang Desktop Theme, originally designed by The Mustang Works, for Windows. You must have either MS Plus or another type of theme installer, such as the XTheme Manager, on older Windows versions to set-up the complete theme. Comes with various icons, sounds, desktop images in 3 resolutions, and changes your start-up and shutdown screens too.
  Drag Math 3.0 41 KB
A very basic DOS program that will do many of the same calculations our vary own Mustang Analyzer does. I'd recommend that you use it instead, since we have massaged these types of calculations specifically for the Mustang.
  Drag Strip Plus 599 KB
Version 4.0 of this software will analyzer your car's modifications, giving you suggestions, and ET predictions.
  Car Test 262 KB
This program will estimate ET, 0-60 MPH, and several other things for your vehicles on Street Tires only.
  Crane Interceptor Software 220 KB
This is for a laptop that you hook to the Interceptor or PMS unit to do real time data collection.
  Shift Master 3.0 387 KB
Shift Master calculates optimum shifting points.
  EZ Engine Analyzer 833 KB
This is the demo version of Performance Trends EZ Engine Analyzer software. It allows you to set all the specs on your engine, and then calculate HP and performance. Unforntunately, the demo version is stuck on the settings of a 350 Chevy. It allows you to change them, but when you hit calculate it changes them back.. Atleast you can see how it works though.
  Cam Quest 268 KB
This is Comp Cams "Cam Quest" software, version 1.1. It allows you to calculate your engines performance with various camshafts.
  Automotive Contact List 88 KB
This is an old version of the Automotive Contact List compiled by Dave Williams. It listed the names, addresses, and phone numbers for hundreds of automotive related companies.
  Classic Mustang Decoder 610 KB
This program is the Classic Mustang Data Plate Decoder. It takes and gives you all the manufacturing and stat info on your classic Mustang. It would be cool if he expanded this for late model Stangs, as well.
  Mustang Cobra Desktop Theme 639 KB
This is the Mustang Cobra Theme by Dave Russell. It comes with cursors, icons, sounds, and wallpaper.
  Classic Mustang Analyzer 468 KB
This is the Classic Mustang Analyzer, version 3. It has data plate decoding on Mustang from 195 to 1973. It also has production figures, base pricing, window stickers, a restoration tracking feature, and more.