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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
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[04/30/2003] Team Girls can too™ to be the official 2003 NMRA host car club at their FIRST north Texas event

Team Girls can too™ has been asked to be the Official 2003 NMRA (National Mustang Racers Assoc.) Host Car Club at their FIRST north Texas event! This is an amazing opportunity for the Team and the promotion of our plight! For our work during the event, to be held May 30th through June 1st, we will receive more recognition than ever before! Not only will we be recognized on the p.a. system throughout the event, but we will also be mentioned inside their official magazine, NMRA Race Pages! Other media coverage, from such companies as ESPN 2 and 5.0/Super Ford magazine, is highly possible too! We will definitely be seen and heard this year!

As if we wouldn’t do all of this just for the recognition, they are also offering a cash incentive to Team Girls can too™ for the amount of car show participants who register over the weekend. Since Team Girls can too™ is a non-profit organization, this money will help cover costs of future 2003 events it promotes! Awesome! In the end, the more people who show…the more GO for our Team!

Now we come to you for help as we are still in need of event volunteers. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please see the information below that was given to us by NMRA. As the President of Team Girls can too™, I will take on most of the work necessary before the event (i.e. filling goodie bags, promotional aspects, fliers, etc.) and I only ask my members and friends for their help and enthusiasm during the actual event! It is an honor to be a part of this opportunity and I hope you all will be there to lend a hand!


• Send me your email address so that you can be kept abreast of any changes!
• You must arrive at the designated entrance between 6:45 a.m. - 7:15 a.m. or you will have to pay for your admittance!
• We will meet every morning at the Team Girls can too™ tent, which will be located inside the Car Show Area
• You must wear a Team Girls can too™ shirt throughout the event (Guys, they are unisex designed)
• Volunteer hours are from 7:15 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
• You may choose to ONLY work one (1) day

Here is what you get:

• Free entry into event
• Free entry into the car show
• Two Free GC2 Staff shirts
• Members of Team Girls can too™ who are NOT working the event can still receive 50% off their entry fees if they pre-register two (2) weeks in advance! (Please contact Nicolle for your member password.)

Here is what WE get:

• Free tent, chairs, table, p.a. system for the event
• Sliding scale incentive program
• The use of the NMRA logo to promote Team Girls can too™ in 2003
• First hand contact with any and all female enthusiasts participating that day!
• Nationwide - Recognition…Recognition…Recognition!
• An INVITE to return every year!


• For any and all information regarding this event, and/or the National Mustang Racers Association, please visit
• Quick link to the Ennis event -
• Girls can too® - http://
• To volunteer or for questions - (Subject - NMRA 2003)

I want to send out a personal THANK YOU to any and all who volunteer their time for this event. If you are unable to help at this time I still would like to thank you for your support and your time spent with our Team! Without YOU Team Girls can too™ may’ve faded away over the years. Instead it has grown beyond even my own expectations…Proving as always that Girls CAN too!

SOURCE: Girls Can Too

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