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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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Lighten Your Front End!
Motorheads are always in search of ways for more power or less weight. When it comes to removing weight from your Mustang, taking it off the front end of the car is preferable to removing it from elsewhere. With this in mind, I decided to remove some weight from the front of my 93 LX coupe using a tubular front-end system and switching to manual steering. Of course there were some "snags" enco...
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Which heads for a 393W
Edelbrock Vic Jr's
Result: 26%
Pro Topline 200's
Result: 7%
FMS Z304 heads (204cc's)
Result: 11%
Brodix track 1's
Result: 2%
TFS high ports
Result: 30%
Other: post it.
Result: 23%

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[03/05/2001] Mustang Works to Cover Spring Break Shootout!

The Mustang Works Magazine will be in attendance next weekend, March 8th through the 11th, in Bradenton, Florida for the Fun Ford Weekend 2001 season opener. Editor, Dan McClain, Staff Writer, Rudy Rouweyha, and Technical Assistant, Dustin Wood, will be on hand to capture the racing in photo, video, and editorial form. In addition, we will be posting daily coverage of the action from the event. This will include posting of the race results onto our sister site,, as the racing unfolds. So for those who can not attend, you''ll now be able to catch the action next weekend in all its glory!

Click the comments button and talk back! Will you be there? Or, if not, what or who would you like us to see us cover at the event? etc...


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