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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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Angela Cole's 2003 Mustang GT
Say hello to Angela Cole, also known as Female Power regular BAD_98_GT_CONV, who is now, RedHott_03MustangGT. Please try to keep up and don't shoot the Editor for the confusion!  It's all Angela's fault! The woman changes cars as often as most of us change shoes or hairstyles! Over the years she's owned a laundry list of awesome 'stangs including a 1985 Hatchback, 1994 Convertible LX, and of course a 1998 GT 'vert, which was traded in for her current 2003 Mustang GT.  You are p...
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[08/16/2002] 2003 SVT Cobra Shootout Scheduled for NMRA World Finals

With Ford Motor Company''s release of the 2003 SVT Cobra, there is a new era in Mustang history ushered in by the breathtaking performance of this 390 horsepower supercar. And, the NMRA wants to provide owners and fans of this newest Mustang with a chance to see them up close and in action. As such, we have formed the first ever event specifically catered to this amazing performance car. On September 27-29, 2002 at our Bowling Green, KY NMRA World Finals, owners of the 2003 Cobra will be able to compete in a special event * the first ever shootout for the 2003 SVT Cobra.

Trophies will be awarded to the four fastest stock-tired 2003 Cobras and the four fastest slick or drag radial-equipped 03 Cobras during qualifying on Saturday. On Sunday, the 03 Cobras will be allowed to run in the Vortech Modular Muscle class, an open comp format eliminator.

All 2003 Cobras competing in this inaugural NMRA 2003 SVT Cobra Shootout will be pitted together at Beach Bend Raceway Park. We hope that this encourages camaraderie and interaction amongst owners, fans, racers, and SVT representatives.

We have already received interest in this event from some of the top 2003 Cobra tuners and racers in the country. Paul Svinicki, Dan Millen, Jim D''Amore, Jim Vaccaro, Mark and Joe Mainiero, Willie Figueroa, Francisco Reyes, and many, many more will be in competition. This will give you a chance to find out which parts work, and who can put up the numbers! Who will run in the 11s on stock tires? Who will run the first 10-second elapsed time in 2003 Cobra history? Will an unknown racer beat the big shops? Who will be crowned "King of the Cobra" for 2003? Find out at Bowling Green, KY!

As a special note, if you do not wish to race your new Cobra, but would still like to participate in this event, please make plans to attend the NMRA World Finals, anyway. You can enter you 03 Cobra in the car show, watch the racing action, and maybe win a trophy! See you in Kentucky!

2003 SVT Cobra Shootout
September 27-29, 2002
Beech Bend Raceway
Bowling Green, Kentucky

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