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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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Jennifer Ulmer's 2001 Mustang LX
Please meet Jennifer Ulmer, our very own Miss GurleyStang. Although the name is cute, don't let it fool you, for her car is far from girley. In fact, this Orangeburg, South Carolina native turns heads daily in this tricked out steed." Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Mustangs.  I don't really know what started it all but I'm guessing that I just knew how beautiful they were at an early age.  Mustangs were all I talked about and all that I wanted." ...
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What size drag slick is best for 15x7 turbines?
Result: 52%
Result: 24%
Result: 19%
28x9 or 10
Result: 5%

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[03/08/2005] Gene Bergstrom named Director of Event & Field Operations for ProMedia Events—to preside over NMCA/NMRA Technical Rules & Policies

Orange County, Calif. – ProMedia has announced that GeneBergstrom, an experienced administrator and operations specialistin drag racing event production, has been named Director of Event& Field Operations. ProMedia, which produces both the NMRA FordNationals Series and the NMCA Hot Rod & Muscle Car Nationalsevent series is recognized as the largest and fastest growingorganizer of the street legal racing scene. Bergstrom will beginhis duties immediately.

“I am proud to announce this great addition to our full time teamof professionals here at ProMedia and I am confident that Gene’sextensive Motorsports background and proven track record in eventoperations, technical services and facility management willenhance and strengthen our momentum as we continue to grow anddevelop both the NMRA and NMCA event series,” said CharlieHarmon, Vice President of Business & Event Development forProMedia Events. “His vast experience and organizationalexpertise will help continue to improve our level of service to avariety of our customers, while elevating the bar ofprofessionalism in our event division.”

In his new position, Bergstrom will be responsible for all ofProMedia’s event and field operations with an emphasis onproviding over site and development of both the NMRA/DensoFord Drag Racing Series and the NMCA/Pro-Edelbrock DragRacing Series. Bergstrom will officially preside over alltechnical rules, policies and procedures as well as act asChairman for the NMRA and NMCA Rules Committees. He will playa vital role in establishing and improving communications tomeet the ever-expanding needs of the growing NMRA and NMCAracer base and members.

Providing over two decades of full time service to NHRA,Bergstrom began his career in racing in 1964 campaigning a numberof NHRA Ford Stock Eliminator entries and started a full timecareer in drag racing when he became NHRA’s Northwest and PacificDivision-7 Director in 1979. In 1990, he was promoted to NHRANational Field Director. Bergstrom has served on numerous rulescommittees including the exclusive NHRA Competition Committee.Bergstrom was most recently the Director of Operations atIrwindale Speedway in Southern California.

Bergstrom will be assisted full time by his wife Judy, whoassumes the role of Ticketing & Event Support Services for theNMRA and NMCA event series. Judy also comes to ProMedia with awealth of motorsports and event experience working full time inNHRA National Event Ticketing and Operations from 1985 to 2000.Judy, who most recently worked along side her husband atIrwindale Speedway, will be responsible for ticketing &credentials, national records, official points tabulations andcontingency reporting for both NMRA and NMCA events.

“ProMedia has certainly established itself as the leader in thestreet legal events market and with all the excitement andcompetition surrounding the NMRA and NMCA Judy and I can’t waitfor the first event, said Bergstrom.” “I’m particularlyinterested in the opportunity to speak directly with thecompetitors of the NMRA and the NMCA each week with the additionof the new tech & competition phone line.” The NMRA/NMCA techline is (714) 460-3813 and will be available every Tuesday andWednesday from 4:00 pm. – 8:00 pm. EST beginning March 15, 2005.


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