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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
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Lisa Scalcione's 1997 Mustang GT
Meet 21 year old Lisa Scalcione out of Hamilton, NJ.  Lisa, MW member NOSstang08690, a long time car enthusiast currently attending Rider University, used to receive car themed toys for Christmas instead of the standard Barbie dolls.  “I was working and saving for my first car when I was twelve years old,” she tells us.   Although a major Mustang nut today, her first car was a Firebird and her second a Trans Am.  “I broke the TA and would’ve sold it for any...
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[04/07/2007] Horse Crazy: Look out, Ashley Smiley can take any horse and make it perform

Author: Dan McClain
Title: MW Founder

MUSTANGS! - speed, performance, and winning are what we demand from them. It's an affliction which a large number of guys seem to get caught up with in their youth and never seem to out grow. No matter how fast we go, no matter how much money we spend, and no matter how much our significant others want to kill us, we're just never satisfied. We just have to go faster and we'll sell our souls to do it. You know how it is when your driving down that certain hi-way with her and Joe Camaro pulls up beside you, you just have to bust his chops even though you know she'll kill you. A vast majority of women just don't seem to appreciate the awesome rush of adrenalin you get from leaving that Camaro in the dust or going from a dead stop to 100 Mph in 12 seconds. They're just concerned with the fact you bought 3,000 dollars in performance parts this year, instead of taking them to Hawaii! Now why on earth would that be any big deal, compared to running 12's? That's why when a women comes along who not only loves Mustangs, but racing them too, all of us guys should jump up-and-down with glee! And if that wasn't enough, she modifies her car herself too. Who might this female Fun Ford Shootout - Outlaw Class participant, owner of two Mustangs, and total horse crazed fanatic be?

Ashley Smiley is a 21 year old Mechanical Engineering student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee who proclaims "I've always liked cars, ever since I had my first big wheel!" Ashley didn't think Mustangs were to great back in her high school days though. To her, it seemed like everyone had one - but she quickly changed her mind. This HORSE  RIDING PICTURE happened after she learned what a nice machines they are, and that most people running around in them hadn't modified the car to be really quick. That's when she became interested in our favorite type of Pony. It seems rather fitting that she would get into Mustangs, the car symbolized by horses, because Ashley also loves real horses! Yep, this lady has horses on the brain and is truly HORSE CRAZY. She has been riding horses since the age of eight, working at a local barn training horses, and giving riding lessons to young kids. She has also placed in the state rankings in horse shows on several occasions. Ashley says that the kids always think she's nutty for being so crazy about cars. Once while working with kids and horses at a summer camp, she was taking several of the kids on a field trip. While driving, with a car load of the kids from the camp, she saw a 1993 Cobra "with one of those annoying stickers" across the front that say "COBRA". She said out loud - "OK! Everyone knows it's a Cobra anyway!", and the kids thought it was so funny she was gripping about a sticker on this car that they made fun of her all summer. It must be these kids are to young to be into cars yet!

Ashley's first Mustang was her blue 1988 GT. She purchased it stock, but having the 'need-for-speed' affliction, it didn't stay that way long. Before going to Tennessee for college, she used to live in Pennsylvania - right down the street from Maple Grove Raceway. She started taking her GT there and modifying it. Starting off by helping the stock 5.0 exhaust MAPPLE GROVE PICTURE with a pair of 2.5" 2-chamber Flowmaster mufflers and an off road H-pipe. Next, she took back some of the horsepower eaten by the parasitic accessories by changing to underdrive pullies. She also quickened the cars acceleration with a 3.73 ring and pinion replacement, a Hurst shifter, and she advanced the timing. These light mods, on Hoosier DOT's, brought the GT's ET to a 13.55 @ 100 Mph! Not bad to say the least. Now Ashley really wanted more! She pulled out the restrictive stock headers for a set of Mac full length pieces, replaced the stock throttle body and EGR with 65mm units, and added an adjustable fuel regulator. Finally, she tied up the frame with a pair of subframe connectors. Ashley then got the opportunity to take a big slice of ego out of a couple Vette owners, but unfortunetly the car never made it back to the track.

At this point, Ashley was moving from Pennsylvania for college. Her father and her cousin came up with a car trailer to bring her and both the cars (a Daytona at the time) down to Tennessee. They put the Mustang on the car trailer. Then Ashley's father drove the truck, while she drove her Daytona behind them. After driving for 10 and a half hours, Ahsley flashed the lights to pull her father over. She had become so tired that she was falling asleep at the wheel. She got in the truck with her cousin and her father started driving the Daytona behind them. After a few minutes, she had almost fallen asleep when the truck went over a big joint in the road at the bottom of a hill, where the road connected to a bridge, causing her cousin to loose control of the truck. Ashley says that the whole ordeal seemed like it took forever. She honestly thought they were going to die, because they were out of control on the bridge. The truck bounced back and forth between the guard rails. Then finally the Mustang flipped off the trailer behind them! The Mustang rolled down the road, stopping between the the truck and the bridge. However, as the truck hit one of the large concrete guard rails, Ashley went straight through the windshield! Fortunetly, she only suffered a puncture in a small artery in her leg, and her cousin was fine too. Although, her Mustang was destroyed. She says, the most terrifying part of the whole ordeal was that after they had stopped, she realized that a tractor-trailer had been by them and locked up the brakes. The truck came to a stop only 5 feet from them! Then when the state-troopers came, they said that if the Mustang hadn't come off the trailer Ashley and her cousin would have gone straight through the wall and over the bridge! I'm glad that we can write here that Ashley came through the accident relatively unscaved and is with us today.

Seeing how Ashley was alive and her precious Mustang was destroyed, what else could she do but get another one. This is when she purchased her 1993 LX Mustang, 5.0 equipped of course! Now wouldn't you guess, she's at it again. Currently, this beautiful LX breaths through a K&N air filter followed by a 75mm Pro-M Bullet which is connected to a 65mm Throttle body. From there, the air gets pumped in and out of the cylinders via a set of out-of-the-box TFS Aluminum heads with 2.02 / 1.60 valves. Right about the time you'll be reading this article, Ashley should have completed the installation of a Cartech single turbocharger with a Mac / Cartech custom header set-up. The stock cam still resides in the stock 5.0 short block, beefed up a little; however, with a set of Cobra 1.7 roller rockers. The rest of the exhaust features 2-chamber Flowmasters and 2.5" pipes to get the gasses out. Fuel is be delivered to this combination via a high volume Ford Motorsport fuel pump, stock lines, 30 lb injectors, and when the boost comes in hard, there's a J&S Electronic Detonation Control System to keep the head gaskets in one piece. All this is cooled with a 3 core heavy duty radiator. The power is put to the ground through a stock (yes, stock) T-5 transmission, heavy duty FMS clutch, billet driveshaft, 31-spline billet axles, an Auburn differential with 3.27 gears, and the Mikey Thompson slicks are made to byte with a set of Southside Traction Bars. A complete set of Weld Draglites sport the racing tires all around and give it a look that says "I'm all business". Of course, the

stock shifter has been swapped out for a Hurst short throw for some hard power shifting! Well now, if you're saying to yourself "This thing should move!", you're right! Ashley has been doing a lot of talking with Cartech on the installation and tuning of her new Turbocharger. She fully expects to see the high tens really soon! Needless to say, she's not taking any chances with her life. After all, she already came close to loosing it once, so she's installing an 8-point Competition Engineering roll cage for lots of security.

Ashley Smiley is definitely headed in the right direction with her steed. So look out, she's prowling the streets of Nashville and may be coming to an event near you soon. As of now, she is currently planning on making it to some of the Fun Ford events this year. Ashley says that after college, her ultimate goal is to get her LX well into the 9's! She'll be happy with 10's until then, however. So gentlemen, take heed. Yes - she's cute, but deadly! She just might leave you sucking exhaust fumes before you even know what hits you!

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