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Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
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State: GA
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Lisa Scalcione's 1997 Mustang GT

Author: Nicolle Douglas
Title: Content Contributor

Meet 21 year old Lisa Scalcione out of Hamilton, NJ.  Lisa, MW member NOSstang08690, a long time car enthusiast currently attending Rider University, used to receive car themed toys for Christmas instead of the standard Barbie dolls.  “I was working and saving for my first car when I was twelve years old,” she tells us.   Although a major Mustang nut today, her first car was a Firebird View Photos and her second a Trans Am.  “I broke the TA and would’ve sold it for anything I could get.  At the same time my older brother was selling his Mustang because he was getting married and buying a house.”  As fate would have it, Lisa bought her first brother’s 1997 Mustang GT, which only had upgraded exhaust and shifter.


Lisa remembers dearly how replacing the TA in her driveway with this low mileage having, garage kept, 2 year-old Mustang GT, “was a teenager’s fantasy!”  The very first thing she did was purchase the best stereo she could, spending the rest of the profits made off the TA for some new shoes - for the car of course!  Opting for 275/40/17 tires mounted on brand new 17 x 9” SVT Cobra R rims, she received them complete after ordering online at, “Once they arrived at my doorstep all I had to do was bolt them on the car and go!”


However, it wasn’t long before the speed bug took over.  On a tight college student’s budget the performance modifications would come slower than she wanted.  But fate stepped in again and she met her boyfriend, Doug, who was also really into cars, which helped to remove a lot of installation charges for things she couldn’t do alone.  “When I met my boyfriend Doug he had a supercharged View Photos Formula and an Olds 442.  After dating about 2 years he also added a 91 GT to his collection.  Now that he too has a modified ‘stang our favorite argument is whose car is faster and who drives better than the other!  We love to put that question to the test and the answer is never the same!”


After doing some heavy research, Lisa finally decided on nitrous as her power adder of choice, going “spending crazy” to buy every last part necessary to make the car go faster.  Taking it to the track for her first trial run, the new goodies and some tuning scored her a best of 12.42 at 108 mph!  She also boasts that the car sounds awesome too, “I put the BBK off-road View Photos h-pipe on the car and it sounds so mean!”


Lisa and Doug have been together over three years now and walking into their home you will find a shrine to their hobby - from framed pictures of them at the track to her autographed picture of her idol, Shirley Muldowney, there is memorabilia everywhere!  “Christmas Day at our house is a car nut’s fantasy because it looks like the Summit warehouse!  I think the best one was when we both bought the same monster tach for each other!”  In the future the two plan on owning “normal cars”, settling down and starting a family but for now she says, “We will continue spending free time in the garage, on the track and making dates for the next top fuel, funny car and monster truck events!” MW

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