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Lisa Scalcione
1997 Mustang GT
Hamilton Square, NJ - United States
Moonlight Blue with Gray Interior
Modifications: Moderate
ET Range: 12.0 - 12.9
NMRA Participant

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Engine Specifications
Block: Stock
Bore: Stock
Stroke: Stock
Cubic Inches: 281
Crankshaft: Stock
Compression: Stock
Rods: Stock
Pistons: Stock
Rings: Stock
Bearings: Stock
Camshaft: Stock
Timing Chain: Stock
Rockers: Stock
Lifters: Stock
Pushrods: Stock
Oil Pump: Stock
Oil Pan: Stock
Ignition: MSD DIS-4
Pulleys: Under Drive Pulleys
Crank Dampner: Stock
Engine Mounts: Stock
Radiator: Stock
Fan: Stock
Water Pump: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Cylinder Head Specifications
Brand & Model: Stock
Valves: Stock
Port Work: Stock
Components: Stock
Gaskets: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Exhaust System Specifications
Headers: Stock
H-Pipe: BBK Off Road H-pipe
Mufflers: Flowmaster 2 chamber
Tailpipes: Flowmaster 2 1/4 inch stainless
Miscellaneous: None
Induction System Specifications
Intake: Stock
Port Work: Stock
T-Body / Carb: 70 MM Throttle Body
Mass Air: Stock
Air Filter: K & N Air Filter
Ram Air: Ram Air
Miscellaneous: None
Power Adder Specifications
System Type: Nitrous Injected
System Manufacturer: Nitrous Oxide Systems kit 5115-11
Pulley / Jet Size: 67/42
Boost / Nos Output: 150 hp shot
Miscellaneous: Bottle heater and Purge Value
Fuel System Specifications
Fuel Pump(s): NOS fuel pump increases pressure to 80 psi
Fuel Lines: Stock
Fuel Rails: Stock
Injs / Carb Jets: Stock
Regulator: Billet Adj Regulator
Driver Type (CPU): Stock
Computer Add-ons: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Drivetrain Specifications
Transmission: Stock
Flywheel / Converter: Stock
Clutch Setup: Stock
Driveshaft: Stock
Axles: Stock
Differential: Stock
Gear Set: 4:10 gears
Shifter: Pro 5.0 Shifter
Miscellaneous: None
Chassis Specifications
Springs: Intrax lowering springs
Sway Bar Setup: Stock
Rims: Cobra R 17x9
Tires: 275/40/17
Subframe Connectors: Stock
Roll Bar / Cage: Stock
Traction Devices: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Body Specifications
Hood Type: Cobra R
Spoiler Type: Stock
Miscellaneous: Cobra Front and Rear Bumpers
Interior Specifications
Interior: Gray leather
Tach / Shift Lite: Tach 5' Memory W/ shift light
Gauges: Ford Racing Gauges were clock used to be
Stereo System: MP3 headunit/ two 10 inch subwoofers
Alarm System: Factory
Miscellaneous: White face gauges in dash board
General Specifications
Amount Driven: Nice Weather
Vehicle Weight: Stock
Chassis Dyno HP: Unknown
Chassis Dyno Torque: Unknown
BEST 60 ft Time: Unknown
BEST 1/4 ET: 12.42
BEST 1/4 MPH: 108 mph
Extra Information from the Owner
This car has alittle history to it. My older brother bought this car brand new and after he owned it for two years he had to sell if because he was getting married and buying a house. So bought the car from him because I liked it. When I bought the car all that had beeen modifed was the exhaust
and the shifter. From the day I got it all I did was make changes and make the car faster.

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