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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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EEC-IV Adaptive Control. Your best friend or your worst nightmare?
Welcome to the wonderful world of EEC electronics! (pronounced "EEK") This is the first in a series of articles here on The Mustang Works dealing with the EEC. We will be discussing various aspects of the EEC in a Mustang. By understanding how the EEC controls the engine, hopefully you'll get a better idea of why some changes to your engine may or may not perform as you expected. Through a series of articles, we will go through major sections of the EEC and how they work with common aftermarke...
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Which heads for a 393W
Edelbrock Vic Jr's
Result: 27%
Pro Topline 200's
Result: 7%
FMS Z304 heads (204cc's)
Result: 11%
Brodix track 1's
Result: 2%
TFS high ports
Result: 30%
Other: post it.
Result: 23%

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[10/19/2001] Mustang Works President, Dan McClain, honored by Fun Ford Weekend

Dan McClain received recognition awardDan McClain, President and owner of and, was recently honored at the Fun Ford Weekend World Finals award banquet when Bill and Cheryle Alexander of American Autosports Productions, the company who operates the Fun Ford Weekend drag racing series, presented Mr. McClain a special recognition award. The award was preceded bya short introduction by Mr. Alexander and presented for all the hard work that Mr. McClain, and The Mustang Works Magazine as a whole, has done with the Fun Ford Weekend series over the years. The Mustang Works has been involved with American Autosports Productions since 1996 when it first created the web site, which became the official Web site for the series through agreement with American Autosports Productions. The Mustang Works Magazine has steadily built the Fun Ford Weekend presence on the Websince that time. Furthermore, in late 1997 owner Dan McClain drafted the rules for a new racing class geared toward highly modified, power adder street Mustangs and worked closely with Mr. Alexander and George Klass, of Coast High Performance, to have the Fun Ford Weekend series create it. In 1998 the class was implemented, and became what is now known as Street Renegade. The Mustang Works, and Mr. McClain, are very happy to be recognized for all their hard efforts over the years to help support the Fun Ford Weekend series, and are looking forward to even more indepth coverage of the events on and even better cooperation between FFW and MW for the 2002 season.


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