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Jennifer Ulmer's 2001 Mustang LX
Please meet Jennifer Ulmer, our very own Miss GurleyStang. Although the name is cute, don't let it fool you, for her car is far from girley. In fact, this Orangeburg, South Carolina native turns heads daily in this tricked out steed." Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Mustangs.  I don't really know what started it all but I'm guessing that I just knew how beautiful they were at an early age.  Mustangs were all I talked about and all that I wanted." ...
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[11/21/2002] Three 'James Bond' Cars Featured in Die Another Day Hit Toronto Streets

Exclusive Canadian appearance of the Limited Edition 007 Ford Thunderbird, Aston Martin Vanquish V12 and Jaguar XKR

Before the latest James Bond film Die Another Day hits theatres across Canada, people here can get a sneak peek at three of the hot cars featured in the movie.

The cars the stars drive in Die Another Day will be on display for an exclusive Canadian appearance prior to the film''s Canadian media preview at the Paramount theatre. The cars can be seen at two locations:

* 2:00 - 4:00 PM – public display at the northwest corner of John and King streets
* 6:15 - 9:30 PM – outside Paramount Theatre, 259 Richmond St. W.

The film opens to the public on Friday, November 22, at theatres across Canada.

Pierce Brosnan will again play James Bond in the new film, and is back in Ford''s crown jewel brand, Aston Martin - driving the Aston Martin Vanquish V12. Jinx, played by Academy Award®-winner Halle Berry will drive the coral-coloured Limited- Edition 007 Ford Thunderbird - which Ford is making available in limited numbers to customers. The villainous Zao, played by Rick Yune, drives a Jaguar XKR.

Other Ford Motor Company vehicles appearing in the film include Land Rover Range Rover, Volvo S60 and S80, Ford StreetKa, and two classic cars, the Ford Fairlane and the Ford GT.

Ford Motor Company vehicles have been featured in James Bond films more than any other automaker''s, making the association the longest one in cinematic history. So when the script for the new James Bond film, MGM Pictures and Eon Productions'' Die Another Day, called for characters who jet set across the globe, each with his or her own sense of style and purpose - MGM called on its long-time associate Ford to outfit these characters with the right vehicles.

"Not only are we excited to give the public a chance to see these special cars, but we''re thrilled that consumers can actually go out and purchase production vehicles like these from their local dealerships, without the Gatling guns and rockets, of course," said Jan Valentic, vice president, Global Marketing, Ford Motor Company.

"I think viewers will immediately feel the pairing of the characters with the vehicles is perfect," said Valentic. "James Bond is back in Aston Martin, and all is right with the world. But this time around, Ford is giving the Bond girl persona equal attention. "

Just as the prestige and British heritage of Ford''s Aston Martin brand are integral to James Bond''s allure, Berry''s Bond girl character, Jinx, and her Ford Thunderbird are a perfect pairing that mixes sex appeal and high style with power and performance. One of the film''s villains, Zao, played by Rick Yune, also receives an appropriate match for his nature in the Jaguar XKR - with its sleek exterior and heart of power and ferocity.

About the Cars

The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish in the film is equipped with 9mm machine guns, five heat-seeking missiles, two shotguns and an ejector seat. The V12 Vanquish is the most advanced car Aston Martin has ever made, due to the way it is engineered and the materials used. Aston Martin used a special bonded aluminum, and the car is hand-assembled akin to a light aircraft manufacturing system. Vanquish is powered by a V12 engine, offering 460 horsepower and maximum speed in excess of 300 km/h. Gear changes can happen in less than a blink of the eye - as the car uses fingertip-controlled Formula 1 style paddles, which enable almost imperceptible gear changes to be completed in less than 250 milliseconds.

The Jaguar XKR, featuring special vehicle modifications for the film, is a 400-horsepower convertible equipped with a Gatling gun centred behind the driver and passenger seats, missiles emerging from the front grille, concealed door-mounted rocket launchers and a trunk full of mortar bombs. The car''s unique colour is the same as the current Jaguar Racing Formula One racing car.

The Limited Edition 007 Ford Thunderbird has a distinctive Coral paint scheme and a unique white leather interior to match the car driven by Berry. The Coral paint- similar to the Sunset Coral hue offered on the 1956 Thunderbird - also matches the bikini Berry wears in her role as Jinx.

Like all 2003 Thunderbirds, the 007 edition also will feature a number of performance enhancements, including:

* New variable intake camshaft timing for the 3.9-litre DOHC V-8, which helps boost horsepower from 252 to 280 while simultaneously improving fuel economy.
* Electronic throttle control for improved powertrain response and refinement.
* A SelectShift five-speed automatic transmission that can be shifted like a manual transmission but without a clutch.

About Die Another Day

MGM Pictures and Eon Productions'' Die Another Day is produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and is the 20th film in the James Bond franchise, the most successful film series of all time. Starring Brosnan, Berry, Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Yune, John Cleese and Judi Dench, the film was directed by Lee Tamahori from a script by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. The film opens Nov. 22.

About Eon Productions/Danjaq, Llc

Eon Productions/Danjaq, LLC is owned by the Broccoli family and has produced nineteen James Bond films since 1962. The Bond films make up the most successful franchise in film history and include the recent blockbuster films, GOLDENEYE, TOMORROW NEVER DIES, and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. EON Productions is currently in production of the twentieth James Bond Film, DIE ANOTHER DAY, which is due for release in the UK in November 2002. Eon Productions and Danjaq, LLC are affiliate companies and control all worldwide merchandising of the James Bond franchise.



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