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Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
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[10/21/2008] SPAL USA adds new features to popular fan controller

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SPAL USA's popular FAN-PWM - a programmable controller that varies cooling fan speed based on engine temperature - has been enhanced with several new features that extend fan life, provide better performance and offer more convenience.

What's New
The FAN-PWM-V3 now incorporates "over current" protection, "smart soft start" (reduced inrush while still protecting from stalled/stuck fans), onboard diagnostics with error code reporting and "status OK" light (easier to identify wiring issues and confirm unit is operating), a 16-bit micro controller (increased accuracy and functionality) and three selectable default settings (SPAL USA Fan-PWM-TS sensor required).

Furthermore, the controller is now compatible with both 12- and 24-volt systems with corresponding 12- or 24-volt fans (only 12-volt was previously available). It also accommodates a larger fan speed range (lower "Low" speed) and allows for smoother transitions to higher speeds (fan ramps up/down without turning on/off). It also comes with a premium-grade harness (GXL wire; full automotive OEM spec wiring).

"User feedback to our programmable fan controller has been overwhelming positive since we introduced the unit two years ago," said Brent Clark, chief operating officer, SPAL USA. "We listened to our customers' suggestions for making it even better and incorporated some of the best ideas into the new model."

How it Works
By altering the speed of a SPAL cooling fan depending on engine temperature, the FAN-PWM-V3 increases fan life as much as 50% (SPAL fans have an effective operating life cycle of 2,000 to 20,000 hours, depending on the fan/vehicle application) by allowing the vehicle's cooling system to better maintain normal engine operating temperatures without running the fan at full engagement.

Owners can easily program the FAN-PWM-V3 for "Low" and "High" temperature settings**. When the "Low" setting is reached, the fan begins spinning at 50% speed. As the engine temperature increases, the speed of the fan increases until it reaches the "High" setting, where it is running at 100% speed.

When used with a dual fan set-up (SPAL USA Fan Relay Harness required), one of the fans will run at variable speed while the other is off. When the first fan reaches the "High" setting, the second fan will turn on at 100% speed. As well, when used with A/C, both fans will operate at 100% speed when the air conditioning is activated.

SPAL USA's FAN-PWM-V3 is designed for fans with up to a 30 amp draw. It can utilize the OEM water temperature sensor, or a gauge sensor, thereby eliminating the need for a second sensor. A SPAL USA temperature sensor is available separately if the application requires a second sensor.

The controller module can be mounted anywhere inside the vehicle's cabin or engine bay (avoid close proximity to high heat sources) as long as its programming buttons remain accessible. LED indicator lights on the module inform the driver if the fan is operating at its "Low", "High" or "A/C" setting.

The FAN-PWM-V3 can be purchased direct from SPAL USA at, or through an authorized SPAL USA dealer.

Founded in 1959, SPAL is headquartered in Correggio, Italy. The company also maintains global facilities in Ankeny, Iowa, (SPAL USA), São Paulo (SPAL Brazil) and Shanghai (SPAL China). SPAL is a leading manufacturer of ISO 9001- and TS16949-certified OEM and aftermarket automotive products, including electric cooling fans, centrifugal blowers, power window kits, power door lock kits, security systems, shaved door kits and keyless entry systems.

Continuous research and development efforts have earned SPAL an excellent reputation for high-quality products and state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing processes. Upon request, SPAL can custom design many of its products to meet specific customer requirements.

Contact SPAL USA at 800.345.0327, fax 800.654.7725 or visit


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