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Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
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[10/29/2002] Ford Powered or Ford Bodied - It was at Moroso during the Ford Power Festival

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL - The finals of Moroso Motorsports Park''s annual Ford Power Festival kept the FOMOCO fans busy throughout the day. The event was packed with entertainment from one end of the facility to the other. Moroso''s 1/4-mile had Heads-up and Bracket races, the paddock was busting at the seams with show-n-shine vehicles, Steeda''s Saturday Stampede had over 180 cars, the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Model Search had eleven beautiful entries, WIRK 107.9, Steeda, Yankee Peddler, DiabloSport and Gypsy Swimwear all helped bring this event full-circle with awesome displays and performance part sales in the Manufactures'' Marketplace.

Chevy versus Ford was the pick of the weekend when it came to the Jet Funny Car match-up. Fran Peppler drove her Chevy bodied "Rock N'' Roll Thunder" to a victory over Freddy Sibley in the Ford bodied "Hooters", but that was round #1. In round #2 "Hooters" came back to redeem the Ford fans as Sibley took the win light. The Jet Dragsters burned up the drag strip at speeds exceeding 290 mph. The Dragster duel made for a great race as Lou Pereira piloted "Chariot of Fire" to a victory over Paul Miller in "US 1". Pereira''s pass took him down the track at 294 mph in 5.401 seconds to Miller''s E.T. of 5.763 seconds at 273 mph.

The Quick 16, Saturday had some of South Florida''s fastest vehicles vying for the cash and points. This is the last point''s race for the 2002 season and a battle it was. Joe Pinder took home the Ford Power Festival win and Moroso''s Track Points Championship title. Pinder was matched against Jeff McMillion in the final round that gave Pinder a run for the win. McMillion made the faster run with a 7.321 E.T., but it was at the line that Pinder grasped the light. Pinder had a .561 Reaction Time to McMillion''s .622, and that was the deciding factor.

Moroso''s 1/4 mile was burning, and this wasn''t just from the Jets and the Quick 16 cars. In the Street Outlaw class Jim Blair of Ft. Lauderdale gave an impressive performance in his ''95 Mustang with reaching the top speed of the event, 175.88 mph, AND running the low E.T. of the event, 7.946 seconds. This class has more bridled power than most barns, as runner-up Tim Eichorn of Boynton Beach put the peddle to the medal in his ''98 Mustang running it at over 140 mph. It''s all in lights as Blair took a .525 bulb to Eichorn''s .700 light.

The surprising class of the weekend was Street Ford as the numbers on the scoreboards were in the 8-second range. Alan Dudley of Somerville, AL dominated this class with low E.T. of 8.442 seconds and top speed of 172.54 mph. These numbers also took Dudley to the winner''s circle with his defeat over Steve Lee of Boynton Beach. In the final round Dudley drove hi ''95 Mustang down Moroso''s track in 8.585 seconds at 170.87 mph to Lee''s E.T. of 8.932 at 166.29. This was an incredible class as the competition was tight across the board.

Long time local racer Larry Doty of Margate was two-for-two as he took home the purse in both the Pro and Truck/SUV class. Although Doty gets plenty of practice as he is a regular at Moroso''s weekly Bracket Races and at Moroso''s Sport Compact Series events. Doty''s final round of the Truck/SUV class made for a great race as he drove his ''87 Ford Explorer against Boynton Beach''s John Shannon in a ''98 Ford Ranger. Doty had an E.T. of 16.865 at 83.96 mph to Shannon''s 16.945 E.T. at 79.91.

The Jr. Dragster class ran both Saturday and Sunday - and there was a new name next to Runner-up score on Saturday and then the same name came up in the Winner box on Sunday - John Roy of Lake Worth. On Saturday Roy came close to the title, but kept in the number two spot by Derek Stalhut on Pt. St. Lucie. Stalhut is no stranger to the winner''s circle as he has visited it at local, regional and national events. Then on Sunday Roy put his ''98 Half Scale Jr. Dragster to the test and on Sunday took the victory over Moroso''s 2001 Jr. Dragster Track Champion, Isaac Gray. Roy went down the 1/8-mile at 76.34 mph in 8.630 seconds to Gray''s 8.170 second run at 62.98 mph.

Race and show results follow, for more information please call (561) 622-1400 or visit


Quick 16 RT DI E.T. MPH
Wn: Joe Pinder .561 7.34 7.345 182.37
RU: Jeff McMillion/Hobe Sound .622 7.29 7.321 169.97

JR Dragster
Wn: Derek Stalhut/Pt. St. Lucie .672 8.92 8.948 71.09
RU: John Roy/Lake Worth .381 8.56 8.576 75.78

OCTOBER 20, 2002
Street Outlaw RT E.T. MPH
Wn: Jim Blair/Ft. Lauderdale .525 8.085 172.97
RU: Tim Eichorn/Boynton Beach .700 10.210 140.75

Street DOT
Wn: Alan Dudley/Somerville, AL .545 8.585 170.87
RU: Steve Lee/Boynton Beach .569 8.932 166.29

Super Pro RT DI E.T. MPH
Wn: Danny James/Hollywood .517 9.40 9.405 135.84
RU: Charlie White/Sebring .525 8.56 8.649 154.87

Wn: Larry Doty/Margate .575 15.54 15.604 77.05
RU: Jeremy Martorella/Delray .562 10.98 11.209 121.90

Wn: Larry Doty/Margate .572 16.80 16.865 83.96
RU: John Shannon/Boynton Beach .496 16.90 16.945 79.91

JR Dragster
Wn: John Roy/Lake Worth .822 8.56 8.630 76.34
RU: Isaac Gray/Ft. Lauderdale .645 7.90 8.170 62.98


Editor''s Choice Mustang Monthly
Dave Siegel/Boca Raton ''79


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