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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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351 Screamer: Lidio Iacobelli is ready to make headlines again
Ok, admit it. At one time or another you've sat around dreaming about the ultimate Mustang you'd like to build. Heads, cam, blower, and nitrous included, of course. What seperates Mustang owners; however, is that some make their dream come true. Some owners have connections, some get sponsers, and most just spend lots of money to make it happen. Then once in a while, someone comes along that not only makes their dream happen, but helps to make ours happen as well. Lidio Iacobelli...
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Which heads for a 393W
Edelbrock Vic Jr's
Result: 27%
Pro Topline 200's
Result: 7%
FMS Z304 heads (204cc's)
Result: 11%
Brodix track 1's
Result: 2%
TFS high ports
Result: 30%
Other: post it.
Result: 23%

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[03/08/2003] March's Stang Stud, Matt Matykiewicz and his 1989 Mustang GT

Welcome MW member Matt Matykiewicz, or easier on the lips, 5ohracerguy. Matt is a graduate student up at Northern Illinois University who, when he’s not trying to graduate with 4.0’s, he’s spending his weekends working on projects with friends - or just getting into trouble. He calls himself an average Joe, one who likes to drive fast cars, look at pretty girls, and have fun with life. However Matt will admit he finds most of his entertainment whiles in the company of one woman…his Mistress! DOH! Now ladies, before you bear your claws, for this despised creature, let me assure you that this foxy broad only wears the nickname - yet holds none of the scandal.


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