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[10/16/2002] New 2003 Kenny Brown Cobra!

Indianapolis, IN. -The first of a hot new range of “Super Tuned” 2003 Cobras from Kenny Brown broke cover at MIS (Michigan International Speedway) during track testing this past August.

The low slung, sleek Kenny Brown creation sporting Kenny’s new “Black Chrome” powder-coated 18” wheels looked powerful, potent and menacing just sitting in the garage area of MIS. On track, those in attendance referenced the Kenny Brown Cobra as just plain awesome. The signature Kenny Brown chassis and suspension tuning made the car very quick through the infield portion of MIS. The super launch that the re-tuned chassis and suspension gave the new supercharged Cobra coming out of the infield onto the banking, provided the momentum to blast through the tri-oval laying total waste to anything in its path.
“I’m very pleased”, said Kenny Brown at MIS, “as we wrap up Phase-I development and testing on the new ’03 Cobra, I am very happy with the results. I’m confident our ’03 Cobra customers will be just as pleased also”.

Brown went on to comment about his 2003 SVT Cobra. “This is by far the best SVT Cobra to date and the best starting point for me to work my magic for our customers who want more performance and power. My hat’s off to the guys at SVT for this new supercharged engine. It’s just great; tons of torque and power bottom to top -- what a horse. My only initial concern was the weight, topping out at nearly 4,000 pounds”.

“By adapting some of the proven chassis and suspension pieces from our CSR (Club Sport Racer) program we have instilled the core essence of driver feel, control and confidence that Kenny Brown Cobras are famous for. With my modifications, the new Cobra now feels a bit lighter and much more nimble and quick than it’s high curb weight would suggest.”

Brown went on to add, “I freed the engine up a bit more with better breathing exhaust to further improve power, because you can never have too much power. However, my real effort is to maximize the platform -- chassis, suspension, brakes, wheels and tires so the driver has access and control of every single ounce of power that wonderful engine puts out.”

Kenny has provided his customers’ with performance improved versions of Ford SVT Cobras for every year the Cobra has been produced since 1993 and is arguably the leading aftermarket performance authority for the breed. With each new model year, the SVT Cobra has improved, as well as each new Kenny Brown version of Cobra, and the 2003 Cobra is no different.

The first and most noticeable attribute of the 2003 Kenny Brown Cobra is its low sleek aggressive stance with fender filling 285 max-performance rubber mounted on 18”x9.5” wheels powder-coated “Black Chrome” to complete the menacing look. The apparent lack of flash and subtle aggression adds new meaning to the expression “Walk softly and carry a Big Stick!

Kenny prefers to “suggest” the potency of his Cobras rather than "proclaim it", that is until you’re in the driver’s seat. The added chassis support from the Kenny Brown Doublecross™ Subframe Connectors, Extreme Matrix Brace, Jacking Rails, Heavy-Duty Strut Tower Brace and Rear Shock Tower Brace, provides a solid and fortified feel. Upgraded sport shocks and springs combined with adjustments to suspension geometry and a performance alignment gives unparalleled handling, control and driver confidence without deteriorating over-all ride quality. The result is classic Kenny Brown.

Like all Kenny Brown Cobras, there is a full array of additional upgrades and options to further customize from mild to wild the 2003 Cobra for your specific needs. Special “Open Track” editions are available for true driving enthusiasts and hard core track enthusiasts.

The hot performance-tuned Kenny Brown version of the 2003 Cobra is available directly from the Kenny Brown Performance or can be special ordered through any Ford SVT dealer nationwide. Additional information for Cobra customers and SVT dealers is available from the Kenny Brown Performance Center, 57 Gasoline Alley, Indianapolis, IN 46222 -- 317.247.5320 or at

Cari Southworth, Corporate Communications
Kenny Brown Performance


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