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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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Jennifer Ulmer's 2001 Mustang LX
Please meet Jennifer Ulmer, our very own Miss GurleyStang. Although the name is cute, don't let it fool you, for her car is far from girley. In fact, this Orangeburg, South Carolina native turns heads daily in this tricked out steed." Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Mustangs.  I don't really know what started it all but I'm guessing that I just knew how beautiful they were at an early age.  Mustangs were all I talked about and all that I wanted." ...
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What size drag slick is best for 15x7 turbines?
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[07/24/2002] FFW 12th Annual Buckeye State Coverage

 Last weekend, Mustang Works Feature Editor, Rudy Rouweyha, was on had at Fun Ford Weekend''s 12th Annual Buckeye State race in Norwalk, Ohio. Rudy shot a boat load of photos throughout the weekend''s racing action, which are now on display in our Norwalk 2002 photo gallery. Be sure to check out all 505 shots we have available for everyone''s viewing pleasure!

High notes of the weekend were Chuck Samuel''s blistering 6.657 at 218.87 MPH qualifying pass in Pro and Elias DelaTorre blowing through the traps at 196.05 MPH in the Procharger Street Outlaw class. Furthermore, Gary Youngblood sent over 40 challengers in the Steeda-Hyland Modular Motor Madness class packing to take the Mod Motor win and Tofie Haddad surprised everyone by taking his first win with his naturally aspirated 2002 Mustang.

Saturday''s number one qualifiers were:

Superchips Pro 5.0 - Chuck Samuel 6.657 @ 218.87
ATI Procharger Street Outlaw - Elias Delatorre 7.379 @ 197.05
Vortech Street Renegade - Mike Freeman 9.064 @ 152.49
JBA Headers Street Bandit - Chuck Simons 9.115 @ 148.53
Tremec Street Warrior - Jeff Chambers 11.269 @ 119.95
JDM Engineering Top Truck - Lew Workman 10.418 @ 129.63
Steeda/Hyland Modular Motor - Mike Johnson 9.296 @ 148.31
Focus Central Focus Frenzy - Tom Lesperance 13.467 @ 102.11

Norwalk 2002 Winners:

W Tofie Haddad Sterling Heights, MI 02 Mustang 813 .471 6.975 199.52
R Jim Summers Lake Bluff, IL 02 Mustang --- .465 7.607 139.98

W Scott Pennington Slidell, LA 93 Mustang 402 .479 8.680 151.37
R Chip Havemann San Antonio, TX 89 Mustang LX 360 .922 14.348 88.06

W Bob Kurgan Elgin, IL 86 Ford --- .597 9.279 149.12
R Larry Reese Canton, OH 92 Ford 306 Broke Out

W Chuck Simons Amelia, OH 87 Mustang 359 .578 9.084 148.48
R Richard Lelsz Houston, TX 90 Mustang 396 .520 9.365 144.97

W Jeremy Martorella DelRay Beach, FL 94 Mustang --- .528 12.436 84.45
R Kinson Cook Jr. Alpharetta, GA 92 Mustang LX --- .599 12.556 108.53


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