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[05/01/2002] Art Hyde Leaves Team Mustang

Art HydeOn May 1st, Art Hyde will be transferring out of Team Mustang. As Mustang Enthusiasts, we will be sad to see him go as he has been the heart and soul of the best Mustangs we have seen for many years. His projects have been the Bullitt and the Mach 1 to name a couple. We owe it to him that the Mustangs are producing more power and better styling. Art, you will be missed!

Here is Art''s e-mail:

On May 1, I am transfering out of Team Mustang. Since February 1998 when I became the Mustang Chief, I have been fortunate to have had a chance to spend time with each of you sharing passion for the Ford Mustang and for the enthusiasts that have made it the icon that it is. Overseeing development of the stream of new Mustangs has been a labor of love. In particular, the Bullitt, the Pony, the Mach 1000 audio system and the rebirth of the Mach 1 are highlights for me. The next generation car is a particular source of pride -- none of you will be disappointed.

I will be taking on the challenge of increasing the number of shared Body and Electrical parts within Ford North America starting tomorrow. This new job is central to the Corporate Revitalization Plan and it will give me a change of pace, a chance to recharge and a chance to be with my kids more. I am not dropping out of Mustang altogether, however, I will be completing my term on the Mustang Board of Directors through the end of the year. I also will continue with participating in the Stars Stripes & Stangs 2002 MCA National Show in Virginia this June.

My replacement, Hau Thai-Tang will be taking over my column in Mustang Times from the July issue. Hau is a wonderful person to work with and is one of the best engineers in the Company. He was our Vehicle Engineering Manager until about a year ago. Mustang is in very good hands.

It is with a lot of pride that I look back on the last 4 years. Thanks for your support and for being part of it all.

Best Wishes,
Art Hyde
Mustang Chief Program Engineer
Ford North American Car

MustangWorks Editor, Dan McClain, had this to say in an E-mail to Art Hyde:


I am somewhat bewildered to hear that you will be moving on from Team Mustang. During the last several years, your tenure at the helm of Mustang direction and development has brought about one the most exciting times for the Mustang and it''s enthusiasts. By bringing the newest modular powered steeds into major acceptance, bringing forth highly successful specialty Mustang productions such as the Bullitt and the Mach 1, and continuing to move "Mustang" up the performance and horsepower latter you''ve made an incredible mark on the Mustang brand and its history.

Back when the Mustang transitioned from the 5.0L to the new modular 4.6L engines, a great number of people thought it was the death of the Mustang. And, with the first couple years of its production proving to be poor performers it almost looked like things could head in that direction. Fortunately, with your leadership, things quickly changed direction and you''ve successfully brought the modular power plant into its own. And, I am rather reassured by the fact that because the coming next generation Mustang was developed while under your direction it will, as you yourself put it, "not disappoint us". In fact, I''m betting it will once again raise the bar for the Mustang brand and image.

Your hard work and dedication to all things Mustang have greatly enhanced its legacy, and we are all grateful. Therefore, on behalf of the entire staff, and readership, of I''d like to wish you great success in your new endeavors within Ford Motor Company. We hope your new position affords you much greater time and involvement with your family, friends, and hobbies - which, is something I''m sure we can all understand. Although, move on with the knowledge that you will be sorely missed - and, that your contributions will be remembered...


Dan McClain


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