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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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Horse Crazy: Look out, Ashley Smiley can take any horse and make it perform
MUSTANGS! - speed, performance, and winning are what we demand from them. It's an affliction which a large number of guys seem to get caught up with in their youth and never seem to out grow. No matter how fast we go, no matter how much money we spend, and no matter how much our significant others want to kill us, we're just never satisfied. We just have to go faster and we'll sell our souls to do it. You know how it is when your driving down that certain hi-way with her and Joe Camaro pul...
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Which Head is better?
Stock GT40 (iron)
Result: 36%
Stock GT40p (iron)
Result: 64%

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[05/05/2001] [Live Coverage] NMRA videos from the event! They're wild, they're crazy, they're on fire and we've had two wrecks in one day!

It''s been a wild day today already, and we''ve only had two rounds of qualifying thus far. There''s been some kind of curse going on with the left lane, as a string of high powered Street Outlaw and Pro cars have either almost wrecked, or actually have nailed the wall. Even after an inspection of the lane by track officials it''s a mistery. What can you say, these cars are just plain ON FIRE with power. Check out the killer video clips we''ve already posted from the event, and keep an eye out for a whole bunch more early next week.


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