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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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351 Screamer: Lidio Iacobelli is ready to make headlines again
Ok, admit it. At one time or another you've sat around dreaming about the ultimate Mustang you'd like to build. Heads, cam, blower, and nitrous included, of course. What seperates Mustang owners; however, is that some make their dream come true. Some owners have connections, some get sponsers, and most just spend lots of money to make it happen. Then once in a while, someone comes along that not only makes their dream happen, but helps to make ours happen as well. Lidio Iacobelli...
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[01/16/2004] Time to sign up for Mustangs Across America Drive

Time is of the essence for enthusiasts planning to register for the 40th Anniversary Convoy Drive as hotels across the country are beginning to fill up. The driving event is fast moving toward its limit of 300 cars, so group organizers are encouraging people to get their registrations in early. The planned driving tour across the United States to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Mustang starts in the Los Angeles area on Sunday, April 11th and takes a historic route through the American heartland. The fever pitch grows as each night along the five day tour special events and gatherings are planned with local car clubs and groups to make the event extra special. At the end of the tour lies the Mustang 40th Anniversary Celebration at Nashville Super Speedway organized by the Mustang Club of America, likely to be the largest Mustang car show ever. Mustangs of all vintages from 1964 to 2004 are registered on the drive including many special models like ''60s era Shelby Mustangs to late model specialty models like SVT Cobra, Mach 1, and Bullitt. Roush Performance is providing an exciting new GT380R Convertible to pace the Convoy event this year showcasing their newest high per formance model. The group will represent virtually every type and model of Mustang produced in the 40-year run as it stampedes east to Nashville. Participants are coming from over 28 states from coast to coast, joining in at various locations along the route. Participants have registered from Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and American Samoa planning to arrive and drive in purchased or rented cars stateside.

Registered participants in the event will be treated to discounted hotel rates along the route including Nashville, TN for the 40th Anniversary Show. Media attention is expected to be huge as in past Mustangs Across America events with television, radio and magazine coverage. Early registration at a discounted rate of $20 ends February 1st after which registration will be $25. The entry deadline for the event is April 1st. People can register online or download forms to mail in. Registration includes a host of items, which include a printed commemorative travel guide, window placards, nametags, hotel and services information and access to all the planned activities along the way. People wishing to register for the drive should go to the Mustangs Across America website, for more information. A complete schedule outline and FAQ''s section on the website can answer most questions people might have while an exciting real time map of the USA showing where cars are coming from shows the sheer size of the growing group. Those without Internet access can get information by mail by sending a SASE to: Mustangs Across America, 6517 S. Kings Ranch Rd. PMB 116, Gold Canyon, AZ 85218

SOURCE: Mustangs Across America


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