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[11/21/2002] Steeda Wins Grand Am

Steeda Autosports has supported Grand-Am Racing since 1995 and is currently involved with Team Shreiner Racing. In their first full season of Grand-Am Cup competition, Shreiner Racing has won the GSII Team, Driver and Manufacture Championships. The race at Daytona culminated a year of highs and lows, which resulted in 7 podium finishes, including 4 wins for the Shreiner Team.

The Shreiner Racing #30 Cobra-R drove like it was on rails with Steeda''s Grand-Am suspension package. From the beginning of the weekend in Daytona straight through to the winners circle the car just handled better than any other car there. Driver Jeff Lapcevich turning a lap time of 2:08.15, set a new track record with top speeds over 170 mph, and bettered the old GSII track record by over a full second! The #30 car led the pack during the second practice as well with both Jeff and John turning consistent 2:09''s. Qualifying saw John Shreiner behind the wheel, where he secured the third starting position. John was hopeful of getting the poll, but had fallen prey to heavy traffic and could not get a clean run to achieve this. However, in a 6-hour event, starting position is not critical. John started the premiere race and immediately made a charge for the front, then, at about the 45-minute mark disaster struck when the alternator failed. Ironically, the exact same thing occurred in Phoenix earlier this year. This time crew chief Dave Frederick was prepared, changing the failed component in approximately 15 minutes! Of course 15 minutes off the course in any event is VERY BAD, even in a 6-hour endurance race.

When John came back on the track, he found himself 16th in class, 55th overall. However, this turn of events made John all that more aggressive as he gradually picked his way through the traffic. By the halfway mark, a combination of co-driver Jeff Lapcevich''s driving style coupled with normal race attrition, found the #30 car mid-pack over all, 5th in class. The car was just handling so well with the Steeda Grand-Am suspension it was like Shreiner couldn''t be stopped. Jeff moved into 3 rd with an hour to go, a position he held until the end of the race.

With 18 cars starting in the GSII class, what made the #30 car so much faster and more successful then the competing BMW M3''s, Porsche 911''s, Audi''s, Firebird''s & other Cobra-R''s? A great car, driver''s skill, a talented crew and Steeda''s support were the winning combination.

Next season the Shreiner Racing Team will be stepping up to the next level of competition in the Grand-Am I series "GSI", they will be competing against the world''s top super cars. Shreiner turned to Steeda Autosports for a car that would not only compete but could win in this new level of racing. Steeda supplied them with the all-new Q400-R a limited edition production based SOHC 2-valve super-charged Mustang GT. Steeda using its over 20 years of racing stock street class events created the ultimate handling and suspension package for this challenge. It will feature Steeda''s 5-link rear suspension system; Steeda''s springs and the X2 ball joints just to name a few of the highlights that will create "the ultimate handling package". We are very excited about the future of Shreiner Racing and the Q400-R in the GS I series.


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