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Lyn & Rob Walter's 2001 Mustang GT
Couples that play together stay together, and this month’s Stang Stud and Mare definitely prove that this is true!  Welcome new members, Rob and Lyn Walter to the Female Power section.  A couple from North Richland Hills, Texas, the two began attending car shows in 2002 but before they knew it... they were HOOKED!  “We had such a good time at our first few shows that now we don’t know what to do on a weekend without one!  And since joining Mustang Works and GC2 [...
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[10/15/2002] Ford starts to price their GT40

DEARBORN, Oct. 15, 2002 – Winning the 1966 24-Hours at Le Mans in 1-2-3 fashion: priceless. Beating Enzo Ferrari at his own game: priceless. Driving home in a new Ford GT in 2004: about six figures.
Ford announced to dealers the first details about the upcoming production version of its award-winning GT40. The first: the new, limited-production supercar from Ford will carry the name of the 1960s racer that made automotive history, the Ford GT.

“More than 35 years after that famous Le Mans victory we’re proud to announce that Ford’s new supercar will carry the same name as the legendary Ford GT racecar,” said Steve Lyons, president of Ford Division. “And we’re putting customers first, so dealers who have won recognition for customer satisfaction will guarantee themselves one of these dream cars.”

Ford announced it would build a production version of its GT40 concept car just 45 days after the car won unprecedented public and critical acclaim at 2002 North American International Auto Show. Since that time, dealers have been deluged with inquiries from interested customers asking, “how much, how many and when?”

“When we announced our plans to produce the car, we asked people to be patient about the details, but frankly, no one listened,” said Lyons. “There’s just too much excitement surrounding this car. And the speculation on price and volume has been wild. That’s why we wanted to communicate some of the details now.” While the final MSRP won’t be released until just before the car goes on sale, Lyons told dealers that early guesses of $250,000 are way off. According to Lyons, the MSRP will “substantially less than $150,000,” which, he explained, will make it substantially less than its nearest supercar competitor the Ferrari 360 Modena.

Ford announced officially at its annual dealer meetings last week that only three cars would be produced in 2003 to promote the product and help celebrate Ford Motor Company’s 100th Anniversary. The three cars are symbolic of Ford’s miraculous 1-2-3 victory in the 1966 24-hours of Le Mans. Regular, limited-production of about 1,000 cars annually begins in 2004.

Ford dealers also were informed that the distribution plan for the Ford GT would be based on a system that rewards dealers for consistently delivering high customer-satisfaction numbers and good sales results. Dealers unable to meet the specific qualification will participate in a lottery for a chance to earn at least one of the extremely low-volume products.

Pictures of the Ford GT40 concept can be viewed in the MustangWorks News Archives

Source: Ford Media


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