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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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Lisa Scalcione's 1997 Mustang GT
Meet 21 year old Lisa Scalcione out of Hamilton, NJ.  Lisa, MW member NOSstang08690, a long time car enthusiast currently attending Rider University, used to receive car themed toys for Christmas instead of the standard Barbie dolls.  “I was working and saving for my first car when I was twelve years old,” she tells us.   Although a major Mustang nut today, her first car was a Firebird and her second a Trans Am.  “I broke the TA and would’ve sold it for any...
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what is a good rear gear for a 5.0
Result: 23%
Result: 52%
Result: 21%
Result: 4%

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[10/01/2002] 1964-1968 Carbureted Small Block V8 Ford Mustang Supercharging Systems

Paxton Automotive has introduced a new supercharging system for 1964-1968 carbureted Mustangs, with 260 to 302 cubic inch V8 engines. With the addition of the NOVI 1200 supercharger, power gains range from 30% to 75% depending on boost levels, engine volumetric efficiency and other factors. The installation of this system requires a properly jetted Holley #4150 or Demon MD-type carburetor unit with mechanical secondaries. All components needed to bolt the system to a stock vehicle, such as cast aluminum carburetor enclosure with throttle linkage, billet mounting plates, fuel system upgrades including mechanical fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel lines, supercharger oil feed and drain, aluminum discharge assembly, compressor bypass valve and all required fasteners are included. The NOVI 1200 supercharger is covered by the Paxton three-year limited warranty. The system is available in satin or polished finish. Suggested retail price is $2,995.95. For more information contact Paxton Automotive at 805.604.1336 or


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