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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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EEC-IV Adaptive Control. Your best friend or your worst nightmare?
Welcome to the wonderful world of EEC electronics! (pronounced "EEK") This is the first in a series of articles here on The Mustang Works dealing with the EEC. We will be discussing various aspects of the EEC in a Mustang. By understanding how the EEC controls the engine, hopefully you'll get a better idea of why some changes to your engine may or may not perform as you expected. Through a series of articles, we will go through major sections of the EEC and how they work with common aftermarke...
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Which heads for a 393W
Edelbrock Vic Jr's
Result: 27%
Pro Topline 200's
Result: 7%
FMS Z304 heads (204cc's)
Result: 11%
Brodix track 1's
Result: 2%
TFS high ports
Result: 30%
Other: post it.
Result: 23%

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[02/13/2002] DTA Racing releases a complete ported head swap for 96-98 Mustangs

Ever wonder about installing a set of heads on your 96-98 GT? Ever thing about how much of a pain finding all the necessary parts you would have to buy from Ford? Well DTA Racing and Performance has the answer! Through a deal with a major Ford OEM supplier, DTA is now offering a complete PI headswap package with new, fully ported PI heads and all brand new hardware.

The OEM Ford ''01/02 PI cylinder heads come with full intake and exhaust runner porting, valve bowl porting/blending, combustion chamber modifications, and a 3-angle valve job. The porting is done on an individual basis with the car owner''s vehicle specifications, current and future modifications and performance goals. The kit also consists of a new intake manifold, head gaskets, intake and exhaust gaskets, new TTY head bolts, cam sprockets, oil dipstick, and the required heater hose. Of course these are all brand new OEM Ford products. DTA even offers to install aftermarket camshafts, stainless steel valves, and ARP head studs on request.

The kit is available for an amazingly low $1,500. As a dealer for ProPower, DTA carries the complete ModMax line of components and can offer them at competitive pricing. Contact DTA for more information and pricing.

DTA Racing and Performance:
(281)-864-2940 - days
(832)-556-0441 - evenings

You can also e-mail for more details.


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