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Dan McClain
1999 F-150 Lightning
Farmington Hills, MI - United States
Performance Red with Grey & Black Interior
Modifications: Stock
ET Range: 13.0 - 13.9
Fun Ford Participant
Top Truck

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Engine Specifications
Block: Lightning 5.4L Triton
Bore: Stock
Stroke: Stock
Cubic Inches: Stock
Crankshaft: Stock
Compression: 8.5:1
Rods: Stock
Pistons: Stock
Rings: Stock
Bearings: Stock
Camshaft: Stock
Timing Chain: Stock
Rockers: Stock
Lifters: Stock
Pushrods: Stock
Oil Pump: Stock
Oil Pan: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Pulleys: Stock
Crank Dampner: Stock
Engine Mounts: Stock
Radiator: Stock
Fan: Stock
Water Pump: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Cylinder Head Specifications
Brand & Model: Stock
Valves: Stock
Port Work: Stock
Components: Stock
Gaskets: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Exhaust System Specifications
Headers: Bassani 1-5/8' equal length shorties
H-Pipe: Bassani X-Pipe
Mufflers: Bassani performance mufflers
Tailpipes: Bassani stainless steel
Miscellaneous: Complete stainless Bassani Lightning exhaust kit with high flow cats and dual 3' Bassani chrome tips
Induction System Specifications
Intake: Stock
Port Work: Stock
T-Body / Carb: Stock
Mass Air: Stock
Air Filter: Stock
Ram Air: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Power Adder Specifications
System Type: Supercharged
System Manufacturer: Eaton
Pulley / Jet Size: Stock
Boost / Nos Output: 8 PSI
Miscellaneous: None
Fuel System Specifications
Fuel Pump(s): Stock
Fuel Lines: Stock
Fuel Rails: Stock
Injs / Carb Jets: Stock
Regulator: Stock
Driver Type (CPU): Stock
Computer Add-ons: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Drivetrain Specifications
Transmission: Stock
Flywheel / Converter: Stock
Clutch Setup: Stock
Driveshaft: Stock
Axles: Stock
Differential: Stock
Gear Set: Stock
Shifter: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Chassis Specifications
Springs: Stock
Sway Bar Setup: Stock
Rims: Stock
Tires: Stock
Subframe Connectors: Stock
Roll Bar / Cage: Stock
Traction Devices: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Body Specifications
Hood Type: Stock
Spoiler Type: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Interior Specifications
Interior: Grey & Black
Tach / Shift Lite: Stock
Gauges: Stock
Stereo System: Stock
Alarm System: None
Miscellaneous: None
General Specifications
Amount Driven: Daily Driver
Vehicle Weight: Stock
Chassis Dyno HP: 318 RWHP
Chassis Dyno Torque: 418 ft/lbs
BEST 60 ft Time: Unknown
BEST 1/4 ET: Unknwon
BEST 1/4 MPH: Unknown
Extra Information from the Owner
This Lightning is actually somewhat special. It is a 1999 model, but was built for internal use for SVT. It was one of 15 such vehicles that served as press and show vehicles. Later, SVT needed a couple 2000 models to show, but the new 2000 models had not come off the assembly line yet. Therefore, SVT sent two of the original 15 trucks over to Roush Industries, who updated them with all 2000 parts. SVT then used and presented them as 2000 models for show and media purposes. This is one of those two updated / prototype Lightnings. After the 2000 models were rolling off the assembly line, and the truck had served its purpose to SVT, I was able to acquire the truck and add the beast to my Stable.

The truck will primarily be used for fun, a daily driver during the summer months, to tow my Mustang to the track, and as a Lightning project vehicle for Mustang Works. In the summer of 2000, I ran it at the NMRA event in Stanton, Michigan. In 90 degree air (kills the blower!) it still turned 14.2 at 98 MPH. However, in cool air (60's - 70's) went in the high 13's. As demonstrated by many other stock Lightnings.

In April of 2001, Mustang Works did an installation of a complete Bassani Lightning exhaust system on the truck. Beyond a K&N air filter, this is the only modification I've done to the truck thus far.

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