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1995 Mustang GT
Columbia County, PA - United States
Blue with Grey Interior
Modifications: Light
ET Range: 13.0 - 13.9
Racing Participant
PRO Edelbrock Fastest Street Car

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Engine Specifications
Block: stock
Bore: 4.000
Stroke: 3.000
Cubic Inches: 302
Crankshaft: stock
Compression: 10.1:1 (calculated--not measured)
Rods: stock
Pistons: stock
Rings: stock
Bearings: stock
Camshaft: Lunati .504'int/.512'exh
Timing Chain: Cloyes true roller
Rockers: 1.6 Crane Hi-Intensity Roller
Lifters: stock
Pushrods: Comp Cams hardened
Oil Pump: Melling hi-volume
Oil Pan: stock
Ignition: MSD 6A w/Blaster TFI coil, Performance Distributors cap & rotor, Taylor Thundervolt 50 wires
Pulleys: FMS
Crank Dampner: stock
Engine Mounts: Energy Suspension poly
Radiator: Griffin
Fan: stock w/Flexalite controller
Water Pump: Flowkooler w/160 t-stat
Miscellaneous: No A/C, No smog pump
Cylinder Head Specifications
Brand & Model: World Products - Windsor Jrs, iron (non-Roush)
Valves: Milodon MegaFlow 1.94int/1.60exh
Port Work: INT-mild w/port match, EXH-full polish w/port match, Fully polished combustion chambers & bowls
Components: Comp Cams springs, retainers & locks
Gaskets: FelPro
Miscellaneous: None
Exhaust System Specifications
Headers: BBK 1-5/8 long tubes
H-Pipe: BBK 2.5in offroad
Mufflers: 2.5in Flowmaster 2 chamber
Tailpipes: 2.5in Flowmaster polished SS
Miscellaneous: UPR smog eliminator pulley--now bypassed with shortbelt
Induction System Specifications
Intake: FMS Cobra
Port Work: Ported & polished lower/port matched upper
T-Body / Carb: stock
Mass Air: C&L 73mm
Air Filter: K&N
Ram Air: no
Miscellaneous: MAC fenderwell cold air kit
Power Adder Specifications
System Type: Naturally Aspirated
System Manufacturer: Stock
Pulley / Jet Size: Stock
Boost / Nos Output: Stock
Miscellaneous: None
Fuel System Specifications
Fuel Pump(s): 190 lph Walbro
Fuel Lines: stock
Fuel Rails: stock
Injs / Carb Jets: ACCEL 21#
Regulator: Paxton adjustable
Driver Type (CPU): stock
Computer Add-ons: Superchips custom burn
Miscellaneous: VDO railmount pressure gauge
Drivetrain Specifications
Transmission: Tremec 3550 (takeoff from 95 Cobra R)-Thanks Tom
Flywheel / Converter: none
Clutch Setup: RAM
Driveshaft: FMS aluminum
Axles: stock
Differential: stock
Gear Set: 3.73 Richmond
Shifter: Pro 5.0
Miscellaneous: none
Chassis Specifications
Springs: stock
Sway Bar Setup: Competition Engineering Anit-roll Kit
Rims: stock 16'
Tires: 245/50ZR16
Subframe Connectors: Kenny Brown SuperSubs - welded
Roll Bar / Cage: 10pt cage compliments of Competition Engineering & Mayhem Motorsports. Special thanks to Jay Sabo for the hook up.
Traction Devices: Factory Five Racing upper & lower control arms
Miscellaneous: weld reinforced torque boxes. ---> Special THANKS to Uncle Rod's Custom Weldworks for all welded modifications.
Body Specifications
Hood Type: stock
Spoiler Type: stock
Miscellaneous: None
Interior Specifications
Interior: Grey
Tach / Shift Lite: VDO
Gauges: VDO
Stereo System: none
Alarm System: none
Miscellaneous: Security courtesy of Smith & Wesson
General Specifications
Amount Driven: Nice Weather
Vehicle Weight: 3380-no driver & 1/4 tank of gas (before steel bell & cage)
Chassis Dyno HP: 280 RWHP
Chassis Dyno Torque: 306 RWTQ
BEST 60 ft Time: 1.901 (7/4/03 on Drag Radials) 2.123 (fall 2001)
BEST 1/4 ET: 13.55 (7/4/03 DRs) 13.904 (7/5/02) 14.613 (fall 2001)
BEST 1/4 MPH: 104.82 (7/4/03 DRs) 103.01 (7/5/02) 97.17 (fall 2001)
Extra Information from the Owner
History of add-ons:
May 98-->shifter
June 98-->H-pipe & catback
Feb 99-->gears
May 99-->U&LCAs
July 99-->removed MAF post & screen. Custom K&N kit.
Sept 99-->pulley set
Feb 00-->al driveshaft
May 00-->KB SuperSubs, welded torque boxes,Ram clutch kit. Stock T-5 rebuilt by Bob Hanlon
Jul 00-->gears again.
Mar 01-->Paxton adj regulator & gage, CPU chip by Superchips, C&L mass air meter.
May 02-->Finally got it all together: intake, heads, headers, roller rockers, cam, MAC cold air kit, H2O pump, radiator, fuel pump, guages, Tremec3550 & Lakewood bell.
July 02-->Accel 21# injectors, MSD, Taylor wires.
July 29, 02-->dropped car at Moroso for CompEngineering 10pt cage install. Not yet a necessity, but a guinea pig car for them to design 94-98 rollbar/cage kits. Very minimal expense for me.
Sept 7, 02-->Picked up car with fresh 10pt cage and CompEngineering's rear anti-roll kit.
NO more track times for this year. Up to 105mph though.
June 03-->New BBK longtubes and H-pipe. Removed A/C. Bypassed UPR pulley.
June 03-->Dyno at CrazyHorse: 280rwhp/306rwtq with no tuning.

SlowGT has retired this engine/driveline combo. I would like to maintain this entry for the benefit of others. I know I've spent countless hours looking through other folks' combinations and dyno #s or track times. Thanks MustangWorks.

The chassis moves on in the form of SlowGT 2, which is my current project: 400+ci stroker, TKO II, AJE cm k-member and all necessary support hardware, Superstang 9 rearend setup.

Please search SlowGT 2 to see the upcoming configuration.

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