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Wilson Revis
1966 Mustang Notchback
Houston, TX - United States
Red with Red Interior
Modifications: Moderate
ET Range: 13.0 - 13.9
NHRA Participant

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Engine Specifications
Block: 289
Bore: 4.030
Stroke: 3.00
Cubic Inches: 306
Crankshaft: stock 302, .010 under
Compression: 9.5/1
Rods: stock 302
Pistons: TRW Forged Flat tops with eyebrows
Rings: moly
Bearings: stock
Camshaft: Comp Cams 268 EXE, 268/280
Timing Chain: Comp Cams double roller
Rockers: 1.6 TrickFlow roller rockers
Lifters: stock hydraulic
Pushrods: Custom length TrickFlow
Oil Pump: stock
Oil Pan: stock
Ignition: Mallory Unilite / MSD 6-AL
Pulleys: March under drive
Crank Dampner: Stock Ford
Engine Mounts: Stock
Radiator: 4 row brass
Fan: electric 14' puller / auxillary electric 16' pusher
Water Pump: Edelbrock aluminum
Miscellaneous: Canton windage tray and crank scraper
Cylinder Head Specifications
Brand & Model: TrickFlow twisted wedge
Valves: 2.02 / 1.60
Port Work: Pocket ported/gasket matched
Components: Comp Cams upgraded springs/retainers/locks
Gaskets: TrickFlow
Miscellaneous: None
Exhaust System Specifications
Headers: Tri-Y, Patriot , ceramic coated
H-Pipe: Custom 2 1/2' Dr. Gas X-pipe
Mufflers: 3 chamber FlowMaster
Tailpipes: Custom 2 1/2'
Miscellaneous: Hooker 3' tips, max back pressure is 1.5 psi.
Induction System Specifications
Intake: Edelbrock RPM Air Gap
Port Work: gasket matched
T-Body / Carb: Road Demon 625 cfm, optimized for cam & heads
Mass Air: n/a
Air Filter: !4' X 3' K&N
Ram Air: Home made cold air / ram air
Miscellaneous: None
Power Adder Specifications
System Type: Naturally Aspirated
System Manufacturer: n/a
Pulley / Jet Size: n/a
Boost / Nos Output: n/a
Miscellaneous: n/a
Fuel System Specifications
Fuel Pump(s): Holley (red)
Fuel Lines: stock With 3/8' Airequip blue flex line
Fuel Rails: n/a
Injs / Carb Jets: #66/72 Holley jets
Regulator: n/a
Driver Type (CPU): n/a
Computer Add-ons: n/a
Miscellaneous: None
Drivetrain Specifications
Transmission: C-4 / high performance clutch discs and bands
Flywheel / Converter: TCI 3000 RPM ('Streetfighter')
Clutch Setup: n/a
Driveshaft: stock
Axles: stock 28 spline
Differential: 8' Currie differential/ Auburn Pro limited slip
Gear Set: 3.25/1
Shifter: Stock
Miscellaneous: B&M shift kit / B&M deep finned al. pan
Chassis Specifications
Springs: 620 front coils, 1/4 turn cut off/ 5 leaf rear mid eye option
Sway Bar Setup: 1 1/8' front / 3/4' rear
Rims: steel 6'x15' front / 6 1/2'x15' rear
Tires: BFG Radial TA's 215/60/15 front / 235/60/15 rear
Subframe Connectors: None
Roll Bar / Cage: None
Traction Devices: None
Miscellaneous: Gabriel Strider 3 way adjustable shocks,
Body Specifications
Hood Type: Stock
Spoiler Type: None
Miscellaneous: Shelby front valance / GT rear valance
Interior Specifications
Interior: Red
Tach / Shift Lite: AutoMeter 8,000 RPM tach
Gauges: Full compliment Autometer guages + original factory
Stereo System: None
Alarm System: None
Miscellaneous: None
General Specifications
Amount Driven: Weekend Warrior
Vehicle Weight: 2950 lbs
Chassis Dyno HP: 280 rwhp (last time checked, maybe more now)
Chassis Dyno Torque: 295 lb/ft (last time checked, maybe more now)
BEST 60 ft Time: 2.080
BEST 1/4 ET: 13.07
BEST 1/4 MPH: 104.8
Extra Information from the Owner
Owned it since 1968. Was our family car with 289, 2bbl., and single exhaust (C code) until 1980. Sat in the garrage for 15 years until 1995. Since then it's my weekend street/strip car and lots of fun.

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