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Mike Burch
1966 Mustang Coupe
Spencer, WV - United States
Red with Black Interior
Modifications: Heavy
ET Range: 9.0 - 9.9
Street, Nostalgia, Brackets, Whatever...

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Engine Specifications
Block: 302 Mexican Block
Bore: 4.030'
Stroke: 3.00'
Cubic Inches: 306
Crankshaft: Boss 302
Compression: 10.5
Rods: Boss 302
Pistons: Probe w/small dome
Rings: Speed Pro
Bearings: King
Camshaft: CompCams custom solid. 242/254 @ 0.050'
Timing Chain: Edelbrock True Roller
Rockers: Dove Roller
Lifters: Crane Solid
Pushrods: Trick Flow
Oil Pump: Melling High Volume
Oil Pan: Canton Road Race
Ignition: MSD 6AL, 2-Step, and timing retard (for nitrous)
Pulleys: Moroso 4-bolt (made for a Cleveland) but works with 4-bolt Fluidampr
Crank Dampner: Fluidampr 4-bolt (28 oz-in)
Engine Mounts: Stock Rubber, but with engine tie down cable
Radiator: Griffin Aluminum
Fan: Electric
Water Pump: Old-Style 64-65 Ford Aluminum (must use matching old timing cover)
Miscellaneous: Turn Key Pump Gas Streeter, Drove 100 miles one way to a cruise-in the other day in 90+ degree heat
Cylinder Head Specifications
Brand & Model: TFS Twisted Wedge
Valves: 2.02/1.60
Port Work: By Owner
Components: Stock
Gaskets: MLS
Miscellaneous: Heads and Block drilled for 1/2' ARP 351W Head Studs (Top 125lbs/bottom 115lbs) 'nitrous' :)
Exhaust System Specifications
Headers: Tubular Automotive 1-3/4
H-Pipe: none
Mufflers: Magnaflow 3'
Tailpipes: Turndowns
Miscellaneous: None
Induction System Specifications
Intake: Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Port Work: Mild portwork and gasket match by owner
T-Body / Carb: Holley 950HP
Mass Air: nope
Air Filter: K&N
Ram Air: Yes... Air Inlet Systems,
Miscellaneous: Runs the same now with an air filter as it did with no ram-air and no air cleaner...
Power Adder Specifications
System Type: Nitrous Injected
System Manufacturer: Top Gun Stage V kit, Compucar warmers, Nitrous Works Bottle brackets, JUNK NOS purge and fuel pressure safety switches. Purge doesn't work if the bottle pressure is too high, and I finally bypassed then removed the safety switches. NOS entry level stuff is J-U-N-K JUNK!!!!
Pulley / Jet Size: Whatever is says on the kit... 6 lbs fuel pressure 850-950 psi bottle pressure
Boost / Nos Output: 200hp single stage... either button or throttle activated
Miscellaneous: Initial timing 36 deg, 26 w/nitrous When nitrous is to be used the pump gas is drained from the tank and race gas is used.
Fuel System Specifications
Fuel Pump(s): (2) Mallory 140 with #4309 Return Style Regularors (one for engine, one for nitrous)
Fuel Lines: 1/2' aluminum (feed and return)
Fuel Rails: none
Injs / Carb Jets: Stock
Regulator: Mallory #4309 return style
Driver Type (CPU): 12V battery.... :)
Computer Add-ons: nope
Miscellaneous: sump welded into stock tank
Drivetrain Specifications
Transmission: Stock Toploader 4-Speed
Flywheel / Converter: Steel
Clutch Setup: RAM adjustable sintered iron
Driveshaft: steel
Axles: Moser 31 spline
Differential: Detroit Locker
Gear Set: 4.33
Shifter: Hurst Competition Plus
Miscellaneous: None
Chassis Specifications
Springs: Stock V8 in front (kind of mushy) Caltrac mono leafs in rear
Sway Bar Setup: none
Rims: 15x3.5 on front 15x8 on the rear
Tires: 165/15 Volkswagon on front, Radials on rear...... well 28x9 Hoosier slicks at the track :)
Subframe Connectors: Global West Tubular (from the road racing days)
Roll Bar / Cage: 6 point with bent rear bars that go down through the rear deck. Chris Alston Chassis Works kit
Traction Devices: Cal-Tracs
Miscellaneous: Cal-Tracs work WAY better in the bottom hole with a HARD launching stick shift! Viking Shocks. Highly recommended!
Body Specifications
Hood Type: Cowl induction
Spoiler Type: none
Miscellaneous: All stock steel except for hood. Kind of plain looking really
Interior Specifications
Interior: Black
Tach / Shift Lite: Autometer 3.5' mounted on column
Gauges: Under Dash on passenger side. Fuel Press, Oil Press, Temp, Nitrous Pressure
Stereo System: Pioneer with 4 speakers
Alarm System: secret
Miscellaneous: Has all carpet, heater, wipers, etc.
General Specifications
Amount Driven: Nice Weather
Vehicle Weight: Scaled at 3300 w/driver (I weigh 175)
Chassis Dyno HP: Would be fun!
Chassis Dyno Torque: Be cool to know as well.......
BEST 60 ft Time: 1.39
BEST 1/4 ET: 9.88
BEST 1/4 MPH: 135.67
Extra Information from the Owner
Originally built to blast around the tight two lane roads here around rural West Virginia... Got away with it for years, with several close calls. There was a particular VERY twisty 25 mile stretch with very few - legal - passing zones that got timed regularly late on Sunday nights when there was no traffic! MAJOR fun, but this kind of stuff is a time bomb waiting to go off, so off came the road race suspension and gears, and in went the drag stuff and 4.33's....

Recently (summer 07), I installed a new 306 with twisted wedge heads and ran the times above using a 200hp nitrous plate. Still shifting at 6800 rpm.

The email link above gives the wrong address. My email is...

burchracing at gmail dot com

Good Luck!

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