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Dan McClain
1991 Mustang GT
Farmington Hills, MI - United States
Vermilion Red with Black Interior
Modifications: Heavy
ET Range: 9.0 - 9.9
NMRA Participant
Wild Street

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Engine Specifications
Block: Seasoned 1973 351W block
Bore: 4.030
Stroke: 3.700
Cubic Inches: 377 Stroker
Crankshaft: Hardened Stroker Crank (2.100): chamfered, and micropolished
Compression: 8.5:1
Rods: 6.125 Billet H-Beam Eagle Rods
Pistons: Probe Ultra Light Weight Forged Pistons, Large Dish for 8.5:1 compression with a 58cc head chamber
Rings: Total Seal TS1 gapless plasma rings
Bearings: Clevite
Camshaft: Cam Motion - Lift: .600 int / .580 exh, Dur: 234 int / 238 exh, 114 lobe center
Timing Chain: Cloyes billet true roller
Rockers: 1.7 mm billet Probe Roller Rockers with Billet Rocker Girdle
Lifters: Crane Hi-RPM Hydraulic Conversion Lifters
Pushrods: Hardened, stock 351W length from Alternative Automotive
Oil Pump: Ford Racing (Melling) high volume
Oil Pan: Canton 7 qt. Drag Pan
Ignition: MSD 6AL, Accel high output coil, 8.8mm Ford Racing wires
Pulleys: Stock Pulleys, no underdrives
Crank Dampner: Ford Motorsport SFI Dampner
Engine Mounts: HP Motorsports solid 351W drop mounts
Radiator: Ford Racing Aluminum
Fan: Stock Clutch Fan
Water Pump: Edelbrock High Flow
Miscellaneous: Billet DSS Main Girdle
Cylinder Head Specifications
Brand & Model: TFS Twisted Wedge Heads (milled to 58cc)
Valves: Ferrea 2.02 / 1.60
Port Work: Stage II CNC Ported (300+ CFM @ .600' lift)
Components: 10 degree locks and retrainers with double springs
Gaskets: Ford Racing Expanded Graphite Gaskets
Miscellaneous: Heads are o-ringed. Port work by Fox Lake.
Exhaust System Specifications
Headers: Custom 2 primary headers with a 3.5' collector made by CHP
H-Pipe: Doctor Gas 3.5 step-down to 3' X-Pipe
Mufflers: MAC 3 Pro Flow Mufflers
Tailpipes: MAC 3 Pro
Miscellaneous: Monza Chrome Tips through Valance
Induction System Specifications
Intake: CHP Spyder Intake
Port Work: Match Ported to TFS heads
T-Body / Carb: BBK 80 mm Throttle Body
Mass Air: Pro-M 73 mm Mass Air
Air Filter: K&N Conical
Ram Air: None
Miscellaneous: Cold Air Intake Set-up
Power Adder Specifications
System Type: Supercharged
System Manufacturer: Paxton NOVI 2000
Pulley / Jet Size: 8 crank - 3.75 compressor (street) / 8 crank - 3.5 compressor (track)
Boost / Nos Output: 12 psi (street) / 16-18 psi (race)
Miscellaneous: None
Fuel System Specifications
Fuel Pump(s): Aeromotive 800 HP external fuel pump
Fuel Lines: Braided -10 AN pickup and -8 AN Main and -6 AN Return
Fuel Rails: 1/2 billet Fuel Rails
Injs / Carb Jets: 83 lb/hr - Low impedance
Regulator: Cartech Billet boost sensitive regulator
Driver Type (CPU): EEC-IV modified for low impedance injectors
Computer Add-ons: AutoLogic custom programmed chip
Miscellaneous: Tuning by Lidio Iacobelli at Alternative Automotive
Drivetrain Specifications
Transmission: Tremec TKO
Flywheel / Converter: RAM 11 billet aluminum flywheel
Clutch Setup: RAM 11 sintered iron long-style race clutch
Driveshaft: Ford Racing billet aluminum driveshaft
Axles: Moser 31-spline axles with hardened studs and c-clip eliminators
Differential: Auburn Pro
Gear Set: 3.55's
Shifter: Pro 5.0 billet shifter for Tremec TKO
Miscellaneous: Driveshaft loop
Chassis Specifications
Springs: 175 coil overs front / BBK Specific rate rear
Sway Bar Setup: Both front and rear
Rims: Factory 16' 5-stars (street) / Weld Drag Lites (Track)
Tires: Dunlop D-40's (street) / Mickey Thompson 10 slicks (track)
Subframe Connectors: Kenny Brown
Roll Bar / Cage: Autopower 6-pt.
Traction Devices: HP Motorsports MegaByte Sr's and HD upper control arms
Miscellaneous: AJE Racing chrome molly tubular K-member, A-arms, and coilovers. Tokico illumina 5-way adjustable drag struts.
Body Specifications
Hood Type: 2.5 Ram Air hood
Spoiler Type: Saleen Spoiler
Miscellaneous: 5.8 and Supercharged badges
Interior Specifications
Interior: Black
Tach / Shift Lite: Autometer shift light
Gauges: Boost, Fuel, A/F Ratio, Cylinder head temp, and EGT
Stereo System: Sony 400 watt system with 6 speakers, four tweeters, and two 12' kickers
Alarm System: Viper, Invisibeam, lojack
Miscellaneous: None
General Specifications
Amount Driven: Nice Weather
Vehicle Weight: 3550 (with driver)
Chassis Dyno HP: 630 hp (12 psi w/93 octane) / ? (18 psi w/C16)
Chassis Dyno Torque: 600 ft/lbs (12 psi) / ? (18 psi)
BEST 60 ft Time: 1.45
BEST 1/4 ET: 10.6's (12 psi) / ? (18 psi)
BEST 1/4 MPH: 128 (12 psi) / ? (18 psi)
Extra Information from the Owner
Couldn't keep a damn clutch behind this mill for years. Originally had HD Kevlar 10.5' clutch that went bye-bye in 9 track passes. Then moved to an 11' sintered iron long-style race clutch using a 1300 lb plate. Lots of pain there having all sorts of adjustments, and it sucks for the street. Ahhh, finally clutch technology has come along. Now have a SPEC all billet aluminum, dual disc 10.5' 1100 HP diagram clutch.

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