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Owner: Doctor DeBo
Year: 1992
Model: Mustang LX
Mods: Heavy
State: GA
Type: Nice Weather
ET Range: Unknown
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Lisa Scalcione's 1997 Mustang GT
Meet 21 year old Lisa Scalcione out of Hamilton, NJ.  Lisa, MW member NOSstang08690, a long time car enthusiast currently attending Rider University, used to receive car themed toys for Christmas instead of the standard Barbie dolls.  “I was working and saving for my first car when I was twelve years old,” she tells us.   Although a major Mustang nut today, her first car was a Firebird and her second a Trans Am.  “I broke the TA and would’ve sold it for any...
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Which is the most performance restrictive aspect of a stock 87-95 5.0?
The Stock Heads (E7TE's).
Result: 37%
The Stock Intake.
Result: 14%
Stock cam or someother components (TB, MAF, PCM, etc.).
Result: 2%
Both the Stock Heads and Intake suck the same, changing one with out the other is useless to you.
Result: 46%

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[12/03/2002] Tiger Racing, HP Motorsport and Ford Motor Company bring “No Boundaries” to the SCCA Speed World Challenge GT Championship

Tiger Racing has announced a new technical relationship with HP Motorsport and Ford Motor Company in support of their 2003 Speed World Challenge effort.

Tiger Racing will campaign a Ford Mustang for driver Carol Hollfelder. Hollfelder, a paraplegic, uses specially engineered hand controls that enable her to race competitively at the professional level. Ford Motor Company will supply Cobra 4.6 DOHC engines and Tremec six-speed electrohydraulic gearboxes to the team. The transmission employs fingertip control Formula 1 style paddles that enable almost imperceptible gear changes to be completed in under 250 milliseconds - less than the blink of an eye. Ford will also provide technical support for the program.

HP Motorsport of Omaha, Nebraska constructed the new Ford Mustang for Tiger Racing and will also provide trackside engineering and support under the direction of Paul Brown. Paul is a 9-year veteran of the World Challenge Series and general manager for HP Motorsport which handles the manufacturing of the spec wings for the series. The Mustang will be equipped with HPM’s SLA Front Suspension, Bassani Xhaust, Brembo Brakes and Vortech Supercharger.

“I am thrilled about the opportunity to partner with Ford Motor Co. and HP Motorsport,” said Hollfelder. “We will do our best to be successful on the track and to provide quality feedback to Ford. Ford has an extensive history of applying racing technology to their road cars and we believe our development of adaptive devices will support Ford’s ‘No Boundaries’ campaign. We are excited to have a powerful race car with Ford’s legendary reliability and customer commitment.”

Tiger Racing debuted the car at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and will begin developmental testing this winter. The team plans a full World Challenge campaign in 2003 with their renewed sponsorship from Ameritec, a telecommunications test equipment manufacturing company.

SOURCE: HP Motorsports


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